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High school senior February trip ideas?

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Hello all, I'm new here and looking for input on a western resort that my high school senior daughter would love for a 5-6 day trip in Late Feb. early March. Background is this, she is a class A  racer here in New England, never skied out west, as an adult anyway, and I want to get her on a big mountain before college so she has some sense of what is out there. We did some trips to Whistler/Blackcomb when she was 5-6 yrs old, too young to really enjoy it, but I did!  So I want to take her out west and give her a big mountian experience.


What do you all think.....I've skied all over the place from Aspen to Whistler and I simply can't make up my mind. I'm considering Telluride, Big Sky, Summit county, Co. and others. Jackson Hole is a possible too.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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I seem to recall Vail resorts...Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, Keystone...having guys out on many of the fun intermediate runs ticketing people or yanking passes for skiing too fast.  Could be frustrating for a racer.


Sun Valley, ID could be fun for her.  They like to go fast around those parts, but the night life has been a drag the few times I've been there.  Of course she's only a senior so not old enough to go clubbing anyway.


Could be a good snow year for Sun Valley as well being a La Nina year and all.

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I looked at Sun Valley briefly....not out of the running I guess. I mentioned it to my wife and she said if we go to SV she wants to go too.....she skis, just not at our level....which is OK as she would have plenty to do in a place like Sun Valley....I also have put Crested Butte into the possibles.


My daughter can ski anything, Tuckerman Ravine is a regular spring trip so steeps and deeps are on the hit list not just speedy groomers....she can do that during training for GS and super-G.


Night life, well not so much, dinner out a few times, and a club or two maybe but skiing is the goal here. Besides I'm 53 yrs young so my bedtime is pretty early....

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Have you started narrowing the selection of possible colleges?  If you've thought of colleges in western US maybe you could build the trip around visiting one or more in UT (e.g. Alta/Bird and Univ of UT), CO, or other locations? 

Did you see this epicski wiki?


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Not a bad idea......I do have to say that her boating side is sort of directing her college choices, Maine Maritime Academy is her first choice, though a western skiing school might appeal.


That and by Feb/March we are pretty much done with the college tour thing and into the decision thing.


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If you guys can skis there are 2 places you should go.





do not stop at alta, do not pass squaw, there is nothing even close to those places for terms of steep and deep skiing serviced by lifts.

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And you could make a side trip to Univ. of Utah. My son just started there this year if looking for any input.

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Alta/Snowbird is the safest choice for big mountain terrain and consistent snow conditions so that all of it will be skiable when you're there. 


Whistler would probably rate next IMHO for snow conditions.


Jackson could be great, but you should back up the time frame to at least early February with the SE exposure.


Squaw is the other large scale elite expert mountain.  Snow cover should be fine by late February.  If it's warm there will be a mix of winter and spring conditions that require timing of when you ski the various exposures. Your stated trip timing is probably on average good for Squaw.  And there are other interesting areas close by at Tahoe.


La Nina snowfall impacts:

Strong positive for Jackson

Mild Positive for Whistler

Neutral for Alta/Snowbird and Squaw


But remember average at Alta/Snowbird is more than 75th percentile at the other places.


Sun Valley is what's your daughter has been skiing on a larger scale.  If she wants a steady diet of what she's getting in Tuckerman's stick to the list above.

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