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Lange RS130 vs Salomon Falcon CS: Flex comparison and options

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Hi There,


Have boot flex questions. Last year I rode the 2009 Salomon Falcon CS, which is I believe a 100 Flex boot. I'm 5'9 160, type III skier. I'm no Glen Plake, but I ski agressively and get in to my turns pretty well.


THe Falcon CS performed well for me, but I had foot arch pain, and while I think the ultimate problem was the cork footbeds and my pronated feet, I ended up returning the boots.


From a different fitter, I purchased the 2010 Lange RS130 with (what I think is) an acrylic type foot bed. Wow, these things feel awesome. Like a glove. I couldn't imagine having a boot that felt any better.


The only problem is that my fitter doesn't sell the RS110, and I'm worried that for my size and abililty, the 130 will be too beefy. Honestly, the RS130 feels identical in stiffness to the Falcon CS in the store, but who knows how different the plastics will behave in the cold.


So... long question short, what can I expect from going from a Flacon CS 100 flex boot to a Lange RS 130? Will it be a significant difference, or will the fact that I'm an advanced / expert skiier make me like them more?


Also, the RS130s have 2 screws that can be removed to soften the boots. I plan to take out the first screw and see how that goes. The fitter reccomended not taking out the second screw and I would like to hear an opinion on that as well. Taking out both screws should get me down close to a 100 flex I think.


Thank you!

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try the lange (sounds like it fits better) in the cold fits and see what it flexes like.


remove 1 or 2 screws to try it softer and see how that feels.


maybe the power strap around the liner only as well to try it softer?


usually that boot will have either marks on the sides of the lower cuff to cut, or on the back of the lower cuff where to cut to make it softer.   This is not reversiable. so do it right, and make sure you need to do it.


see a boot fitter if you are not 100% sure what to do.

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Thanks for the reply. I realize that I could answer the question by testing in the field. My question was more about what I could expect, prior to actually testing. The problem is that once I take the boots out, I can't return them.

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both the salomon and the lange feel soft inside. both ski stiffer than they feel in store.


buy the 130 lange, the flex will be fine for your stats. a strong 130 lb female skier can easily flex a 110 flex lange.


do not take out any of spine screws. they are an integral part of the way any high performance boot skis. the connection between the upper cuff and the lower clog needs those rivets to ski well. you can always lower the saddle cuts in the lower to get the boot to flex more.



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Thanks Jim.


I did buy the RS130s, they feel perfect, I'm just worried that they will be too stiff for me. I guess the best way to know is to ride on them, and I am anxious for some snow to do so!

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