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Flex Rating

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Quick Question about boots and flex rating.


Last winter I rode a pair of Salomon Falcon CS, which I believe are rated at 100 flex. Long story short, they didn't work for me, but it was most likely a (cork) foot bed problem and not necessarily the boot fit. In fact, I liked the way the boots performed, but I returned them because of unbearable arch pain.


This summer, I got a pair of Lange RS130s from a different shop, with custom acrylic foot beds. Wow, they feel awesome. Fit like a glove. I can't imagine a boot fitting any better. One thing that worries me though is moving from a 100 flex to a 130 flex, and I'm wondering if this fear is warranted. Lange makes a 110, but they don't sell it at my shop. I'm having some buyers remorse.


I'm 5'9 155lbs, but ski pretty aggressively. I'm not Glen Plake, but I definitely get in to my turns. Should I be worried about moving from a Salomon 100 to a Lange 130 flex? Its so hard to guage given that the manufacturers differ, and I'm wondering if the only way to truly know is to take them for a spin.


The RS130s also have 2 bolts that can be removed to reduce the flex, but I've heard that its not advisable to take both out. 



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The only way to know is to take them for a spin as you said.   But I think you shouldn't be overly concerned. IMO the stiffness you can use is more about your technical competence than about your size.




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