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We are stoked to be able to offer epic ski members this sic as web episode of 2009 World Heli Challenge.

Wicked action, stunning scenery,cewl sounds and beautifully directed by Marni Walsh (Marni Productions) and edited by kiwi Trnity Ludlow.


Some of the best skiers and snowboarders duke it out in near perfect conditions around Wanaka NZ.Free ride Day, Extreme Day and Downhill all solid events.

On mountain, off mountain you name it- bungy, rafting, and more - every shot is a winner.absolutely timeless


Trust EpicSki  members can take a little time to check this out - it is up 24/7 and episode 2 is archived as well


Soon the 2010 doco will be released ,so hope this one warms you all up for your new season

Try to not use Internet Explorer if possible- we recommend Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome and yup you will need Flash10.1.


Best wishes 

Steve and the exstream team