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opinions on boots

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HI everyone. im looking to investing in a new pair of boots this season. Im currently on atomic btech90. Im looking for a stiffer, tighter fitting boot. Right now i am pretty much deciding between Lange freeride 130, Banshee or Banshee Pro, Rossi bsquad 110, or Salomon Ghost. Im riding on line prophet 90, my new love for skiing pow and looking to do start doing some backcountry, so my current boots just aren't cutting it. Since now i am 22 i have more money to travel to some big mountains and even looking to move to VT. Living and skiing here around New Jersey totally sucks! Well anyway im open to all opinions and advise besides to go to a ski shop, lack of them especially good ones here in NJ. I have also done research on all of them and am gearing more torwards Lange.


Would like to hear anyones opinions and inputs, thanks.

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Brand doesn't matter as much as fit, and "expert" boots are overrated -- mostly they're just really, really stiff, and unless you're racing that's probably not what you want.  The standard advice is to find a good bootfitter who can work with you to find a boot that fits, and/or customize something to your feet.


Not sure about reputable shops in the NY/NJ area.  Some searching on the forums might turn something up, you could try the "ask the boot guys" forum.

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If you don't get your feet and stance evaluated by the best bootfitter you can find, you're wasting your time and money.  Nothing requires individual evaluation and fitting by an expert more than your boot fit. He/she will recommend several boots that are appropriate for YOU.  Nothing anyone says about how their boots fit or work for them has any relevance to you. No review is of any real use.  Invest your time finding the best bootfitter in an area convenient to you and go there. End of story.  Good luck.

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I keep a list of good fitters in CT/MA/VT/NH (some probably within an hour of NJ); send me a message if you'd like it.  Seeing a bootfitter is the only way to go.  If he doesn't have the right boot for your foot, they'll know what to order.

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