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My TGR Gear swap story.

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Ok.  So first I posted this on TGR:




Then, after some more information came out, i posted this:





Ninthward sells some really nice skis for great prices, but make sure you deal with Shane.  Not Campbell.

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It sounds fishy but not phishy.  If the first dude really did send out a pair that is lost then he would have some tracking info correct?  It sounds like a weak BS story to cover up his dropping the ball. Anyway, I guess it is really not our concern as long as you get the goods before you really need them or some agreed date.  That sounds like something that might concern the management at that vendor though for sure.


Thanks for the heads up.

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there is such a thing as people listing product for sale, and they don't at that moment have the product in stock to sell, they assume they can get ahold of it somehow, that would lead to them extending this time so far along. I couldn't tell if you were buying from Ninethward direct in some way.

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They had a pair of 188 CVP demos for sale.  I inquired if they still had them, and was told they did.  We reached a deal on a price, and I paid that price. 



Three months later they gave me my money back and bought me a case of beer.

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I have a friend that makes custom bikes in Durango, and has his own web site.  One day on e-bay he saw a picture of one of his bikes for sale by some guy in Florida.  The picture was from my friend's web site, and the bike was sitting in his garage at the time. People will rip you off by "selling" stuff they do not have.  On the net it is definitely caveat emptor (buyer beware).

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A truly sad story.  I am always willing to give the small guys the benefit of the doubt.  After reading the threads on TGR and visiting 9thwards website I don't think I will ever deal with them or would even demo their stuff if it was free.  Really disgraceful and terrible PR.

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