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posterior tibial tendon tear

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Has anyone by any chance torn their post tibial tendon?  Mine is completely ruptured.


I am wondering are first if anyone has skiied a season with a ruptured PTT (as in a 100 day season kinda thing)?  Wondering if enough heel lift and medial insole support would remove the valgus deformity enough to make it work or if I am deluding myself.  Doesn't really hurt anymore, just no strength at all in foot inversion.  My orthopod said I won't hurt things anymore with a good boot for one ski season before surgery, but he wasn't too confident I would be able to ski solid.


Second if anyone has had a FDL tendon transfer and calceneal osteotomy for this, and how that went with serious skiing again and how long (ie 6 months or a year or what).


If anyone has done this weird injury any info would be really appreciated.

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I just came across your post - 5 years later. I am having the same exact questions you were having in 2010. I'm a part-time ski instructor in the winters. How did things go for you? Were you able to ski during the winter leading up to your surgery? When were you able to ski again after the surgery? Most importantly, what was the outcome of the surgery? How are your feet now? Thanks!
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