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Hey all. I'm looking to buy a new set of skis. I have been skiing on Elan MAG 8's 168cm's 123-74-104


I ski mainly at Steamboat Springs and my problem is that on heavy snow days I seem to have some trouble in powder on these skis.


I would like to know what size ski I should use that will get it done in powder but still be able to ride on-piste too?


I am 215lbs, 5'10

Intermediate Skill Level


I've been looking at skis in the 85-90mm waist range, should I go larger?



The skis I've looked at are:


Atomic Nomad Savage

Atomic Nomad Crimson

Blizzard FS IQ

Blizzard 8.7 IQ

Nordica HR Pro Jet Fuel

Nordica HR Pro Hell Diver

Volkl AC 50

Volkl Grizzly

Volkl Kendo

Dynastar Sultan 85

Dynastar Mythic Rider

Fischer Watea 84

Stockli Stormrider VXL

Stockli Rotor 84

K2 Aftershock

Icelantic Nomad

4frnt MSP

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Volkl Mantra is a good all mountain ski with a 96mm waist.  It skis really well on the groomers and will float through the fresh snow.  I believe the Kendo is a skinnier version on the Mantra, so I bet it will ski well too.  If you see yourself progressing to more offpiste than onpiste than i'd go with the mantra.  Haven't tried any other skis on your list. I have been skiing the mantra for about 4 years on anything from fresh powder in January to icy suncups in August.  They hold an edge well, but have a big enough shovel to keep you up in the fresh stuff.

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