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grrrr....whistler no longer offering bonus 1 or 2 free pre-season tickets for new edge card buyers

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whistler and the 2010-2011 edge card: no longer is there that free 1 bonus lift ticket you'd normally get for the  5 or 10 day edge card purchase ...(you get 1 free ticket for a 5 day edge card and 2 free days for a 10 day edge card--at least that was the way LAST season.


I just confirmed on the phone with a whistler sales rep when I called in, considering upgrading...well I"m NOT anymore that is.


...even worse: if I did upgrade to a 10 edge card (from my current 5 day edge card, purchased last yr so i did get that 1 free ticket)  I was told that I would LOSE that 1 bonus ticket ...


....sure those 1 or 2 bonus tickets were to be used prior to Dec 22 (or so) as a preseason warmup...but what the hell.... free tickets at $50-60 a pop are still free tickets....sure glad I bought mine last season  instead of starting from scratch for this season.



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I only remember the early free day being offered in the spring as a bonus for purchasing the next season's card.  I could be wrong but I get all the email updates year round from W/B and don't ever remember seeing the bonus day offered past June.


The edge card is still a killer deal considering daily tickets are up to $93 Canadian for the 10/11 season, ouch!

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the promo was all last season (and i think the season before that too)


when i first purchased my edge card in nov/09, during the preseason discount sale I also got the edge card bonus (1 extra day for a five day edgecard, or 2 bonus days if you bought a 10 day edgecard).... those bonus days were great...my lift ticket (with bonus) on a 5 day edge card got reduced to $57/ticket...even cheaper if you purchsed a 10 day edge card pass.

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Well, so much for my memory. I usually buy the following season's card in the spring to get the $89 unlimited Spring deal.  Hopefully that won't disappear!

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hey heeler: seeing you're in seattle, aside from mt baker, where else do you suggest checking out that is relatively close for us Vancouverites in BC that is also a good resort?

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I'm not heeler, but I can try to answer your question.  It depends on what you call "relatively close."  Mt. Baker is just over the border, maybe 10 miles as the crow flies and not far from the Abbotsford/Sumas border crossing.  


The next closest Washington ski area to the Vancouver area is Stevens Pass (not a resort, no lodging on hill), which takes about 2:45 to drive to (with the wind at your back) from the border at Blaine, about 150 miles. It's a good ski area, worth a visit, but I'm not sure that it would line out as a deal if traveling from Vancouver.  


Probably the one place that could be considered a "resort" at all in WA is Crystal Mountain, which is probably about a 3.5 hour drive from Blaine.  There is not much lodging on hill here, but there is a little. It's definitely a great place to ski, but since I moved to Bellingham from the Seattle area in 1992 I have not been there. It's the same distance for me to go to Whistler, and you have to drive right through the Seattle area to get to it from the north, which can be an exceptional PITA if you hit it wrong.


Snoqualmie Pass/Alpental is not worth considering. The pass is like skiing a cow field and Alpental, while mighty, is small and best left to the locals, though worth a visit if you find yourself in the Seattle area with your skis.

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many thanks posaune

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I am Heeler and I agree with Posuane.  Stevens has some excellent terrain. If you're looking for the steep and narrow or good powder shots you have to know where/how to access them because it's not obvious or marked.  If you're coming from Vancouver it's probably not worth a day trip, not even to Baker unless the road is better than I remember it when you have W/B in your back yard..  Posuane?  Crystal would be the place to target and there is decent lodging but book ahead.  Much of Crystal's advanced/expert terrain is visible from the chairs and also well marked on their trail maps and that's not even including the north and south back country areas.  Crystal also has great groomed runs and they actually know how to groom!


I would recommend a three day trip, skiing days that is.  That's minimal time to explore the mountain and find/ski what you really like.  If this la Nina year pans out there could be a bounty of powder days at Crystal this year.


As far as the drive goes about the only way you can guarantee to not "hit it wrong" is to make sure you're through downtown Seattle by 6:00 A.M. and at that you're still looking at around two more hours to get to the ski area. If you have good conditions you won't regret the trip.  If you run into great conditions you'll wonder why you waited so long to make the trip.  If you get the crap, well...there's always the Snorting Elk but get there early too because the stools fill up fast!

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I bought the 10 day this year and it only had 1 free early season day IIRC, the same as my 5 day last year. I also bought it back in April to get the spring pass, as heeler mentioned. Just wait til the new year when they always have reload offers to buy more days...

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