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Salomon Pro-Model Liner Mix-Up

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Hey All,

Just got fitted for a new pair of Salomon Pro Model boots a couple days ago, picked them up, and they are feeling great after a day on them.

However, when I got home, I was drying the boots, and noticed the liners are actually Crossmax 10 liners, and not the original Pro model liners - I had both boots out in the store, and I suspect at some point they got mixed somehow.

So the question is, should I bother going back - is there really a difference between the 2 liners - given that I am pretty comfortable in them right now, I don't want to change for the sake of change...

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There is a huge difference in the liners. The X-Max 10 liner is thicker, with an overall aim at comfort vs. agressive fit. The Course liner in the Pro Model is thinner, as the last is modeled for a snug/race-type fit. For many folks, that means less comfort. I ski the X-Max 10 and love it, while the Pro Model liner wreaked havoc on my feet...they just plain hurt.

So, your call, but some info to help.
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I also like my Crossmax 10 liners.
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Hmm...any opinions on what someone like me - 20% park and jumping around on stuff, and the rest on big mountain, steeps and chutes type stuff should be on..

My previous Xwave 8's were pretty good for the time they lasted, although not quite great in the park, and were past their best-before date when I retired them....

I am really happy with the boot, just wondering if I should be doing anything, or be concerned about future problems because of this mixup..
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I ski in Salomon X2 Course Lab soft. Salomon's Full on plug race boot. I chose it because of the very thin liner and the low amount of ramp angle and upright stance, but mostly because of the thin liner. I knew I would have to have some work done on the shell to make them fit. They are fantastically comfortable and I have about 60 days on them this year and they have not packed out, which was my foremost concern. Last year my Lange 120 Comps got so loose after 12-15 days I hated them! I had to buckle them way too tight to stablize my foot.

I have very sensitive rigid feet that are very wide in the forefoot w/high insteps & my right foot is very curved. Very skiny calfs & shins. So I am no easy fit. The call me the princess & the pea at the bootfitter's

I believe the thinner the liner the better. The guy who said the liner made his feet hurt needs his boots fit properly. The shell does not conform to his foot shape. Also understand the thinner liner is not warm, but if you want comfort, performance and no slop after 20 days go with the thinner liner!

I am in a 27 shell in the X2 but would have had to buy a 26 in the X-Wave 10.

Hope this helps!
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Atomicman, where do you have your bootwork done?
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Custom Boot fitting Service in Seattle. Jim Mates is the man 206-297-9298.
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