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remounting marker bindings

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I picked up a pair of volant power karve skis w/marker 41 bindings at a garage sale - in really good shape.  The bindings need to be remounted but the ski shop wont do it because marker 41's are not on approved list.  I can remove all screws except the front one(s).  How do I get to them?  Is this setup worth the effort?

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While the PowerKarve was a game changer in ski design..a 73mm waisted ski for everty day skiing? Surely no one can ever ski a a ski THAT wide every day..thats jsut crazy talk it is now a dinosaur. The PK was the ski that started the mid fat category, the E-scream got the press but the Pk paved the way, Salomon was the second mouse, With that said, enjoy your little piece of ski history and move on. Just out of curiosity, put them base to base and see if these have "early rise" in the tip? Due to the stainless steel construction, Volant was at the forefront there too


There are a few bindings from that generation that still "can" be skied, the M41 is one that I would not want to though.  

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Philpug:  To be honest I ski about 3 times a year, mostly when my sons are visiting.  I still have a pair of Rossi stratos w/ look Nevada bindings that I bought when I was an active skier in the 1960's & 70's.  My sons are still in school and thats where my money goes.  Thats what you do as a parent.  I am a seasoned skier but not on the new skiis.  My question now is, are the marker 41's dangerous?  If that bad I will just continue with the old Rossis.  Thanks

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Do yourself a favour and pick up some new, or at lest newer bindings. 

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Bindings are like condoms, they have a shelf life and when they fail, it will be at the worst possible time. 

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Bindings that hit the indemnified list are there for a reason.  A binding is basically a spring wrapped in plastic.  When that plastic gets brittle (and it probably has) the retention of the binding (or possible lack of) becomes a liability.  I've seen heel pieces (and their attached skiers) shoot backwards off a ski from failures.   Go to your shop and pick up a pair of new 13's -- they'll treat you just fine and probably won't cost you much over $150.

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hey Geezer, (take this in a polite way) go rent some skis next time you go to the mountain. you will be blown away but what even the average rental ski will do for you compared to the Stratos. you will be happy you rented them.

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