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Quiz: ANSWER 1

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Here is the answer to picture 1 of the quiz.


It is a unit to avoid crossing skis. It is glued to the tops of skis 14" from tips.


This unit is special since it has an internal housing which allows a 9v, battery to be inserted, plugged to a wiring and activates a strong white light to beam out! Very much like a lighthouse!


Very popular in the late 1970s and 1980s since a lot of racers had them on the Pro Ski Tour "le Cirque Blanc".


Very poor item since it made skiers look down on tips and not ahead! This poor skiing habit  was  integrated into the "collective" mind of many, many "old school skiers" and it seems it was "genetically" past along to future skier generations to this present day! Biologist are at loss to explain this generational "memory sharing"! There is ongoing research now to determine why most skiers still to this day look down on their ski tips! Now you know why. It is this type of device which began the , "stare at ski tips" behavior.


This unit was also very poor since once you crossed skis,,,,well you could not uncross them unless you fell, broke a leg or nose!


Congratulation to the 22 persons who got the correct answer. You are all in the running for the Swix electronic waxing iron


Here is that picture of the unit


Answer 1.JPG

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Dang, my perspective was way off, & I just couldn't see it.  I was seeing the image as something much larger.  I remember the para-blocks (sp) which were basically the same thing.  I just never saw this high tech version.


I usually have pictures of hot women on my ski tips to keep me looking at them.


Although I am not able to participate in the contest, I will look forward to your next quiz.




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Sorry about "perspective"!

I have nothing against "hot women",,,but there is a place and a time for everything!!! While skiing,,my total concentration is on that,,,,skiing!


Nothing,,,but nothing can take me away from those "snowflakes" (sorry hot women),,,,the snow,,well it gives you pleasure all day and all night (if there are lights)! Hot women,,,,,often it is more in your mind than,,,,,,!!!!!


But that you must learn yourself 4ster,,,,


Thanks for doing the quiz. Will be looking forward to your comments! (wait till you see the coming pictures)!!


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Of course! I see it now. .  I could have used some of those for fog lights on my SGs on a few mornings.


I already have a ski waxing iron, complete with ray - wool - cot - lin termperature scale  (The  fiducial reference mark placed at the y in ray when I dropped it on the floor works well with all-temp wax) ,so it's no great loss to me.IMG_0201.jpg?t=1286036310

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damn i was getting close, couldnt find it, kept looking for tools to keep ankles together ect, that was driving me crazy, im lookin foreward to learnin the rest of  the tools

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Is it a device to prevent crossed skis?


What did I win?

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Ohhh shucks.  I just saw the contest today, and honestly correctly before looking at the answer. I could have been in the running, but snooze and you lose.

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