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Daughters boots.

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My daughters foot measures 27cm and is 102mm at the widest point.

Her current boots are 27.0 Dalbello TRX6 which have been punched on the outside to make room for her pinkies.


Her big toes are touching the ends uncomfortably.


Recently on an interstate trip, we dropped in to a ski shop and she tried on some size 28.0 boots (can't remember which brand/model unfortunately). She found these boots comfortable.


For various reasons, I will be buying boots online. I realise that this is risky so am keeping an eye out for a boot that should fit reasonably well but have the potential to be tweaked by a bootfitter. I have my eye on the following;


Rossignol Intense i10     28.0  102mm last  flex 50/60


HEAD EDGE +9 HF    28.0 or 28.5  last??  flex 60



At 1.79 Metres (about 5'10") she is a tall unit so I'm guessing/hoping that womens specific boots are not critical as they seem to be hard to come by in 28.0+ sizing.


She is not an overly aggressive skiier preferring to cruise but will ski resort double blacks/off piste if she has to.


Any advice/opinions/reccomendations apreciated.



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i have never had the need to put a woman in a size 28 and only very rarely have ever needed a 27


it sounds as though there is something else going on because if her foot was just hitting the 27 size on a brannock measurer then she would most likely fit inot a 26.5 boot in many models as they are made long


also be carefull regarding the last width 102mm is measured in size 26/26.5 and gets proportionally wider or narrower as you go up or down the size run in a 27 it will be around 105-106mm depending on brand


as i said it sounds like something else is going on, does she have a large calf muscle which could be shunting her forward in the boot, or is her foot very flexible and elongating when she stands up, if so maybe smaller boot and a custom footbed is the solution, but the internet although a marvellous thing isn't great for fitting boot on


take a look at the wiki at the top of the forum about which boot will work and this will describe a shell check and you can test the boots she has and get a better idea


good luck getting it sorted, bootfitters are a bit rare in your part of the world although there is one on the panel from down under, his details are :

Paul Oberin
Pauls ski shop
Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.

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Thanks CEM.  I had a squiz at the wiki and did a shell fit. There is a 15-20mm space at back, so the shell is good.

I had her put on the liner and her toe is touching hard against the end. So it would seem that the liner is the problem.

Does this sound strange? Can liners be modified?

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liners can be stretched out with a boot stretcher and some heat, a custom footbed will help stabilize the foot which will hold it shorter then fully weightbearing


it may also be the shape of the shell, it may need to be squared out a little... the calf muscle could also be pushing the foot forward if it is larger than average...... you really need to get her to a fitter and have it looked at in real life 


good luck

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I agree with CEM.  I don't want to discount what you are saying and your daughter isn't in front of us, but.  In all the years of doing this I've never sold a 28 to a woman and probably only one 27. The 102 mm is a little suspicious to me as well.  I think your idea of online purchasing is risky.


Also your daughter is not aggressive I believe you say but is capable of skiing more difficult runs yet the flex you are considering is one that a woman her size could probably crush.


That are a few things off here that we should probably look at more closely before you rush off.



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Thanks Fellas. Feedback has been helpful as was the wiki info.  Its off to the boot fitter we go.

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