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My first set up

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Hi I am looking into buying my first set of skis binding and boots and I have no idea what to look for.  I am a 5'11" 190 18 year old boy and I have been skiing for about 15 years.  I ski groomed up in Vermont and Canada.  WHat kind of skis and size of skis should i be looking for?  

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Who's going to be first to say: get your boots dialed in first; then deal with the skis.  Go to a real bootfitter.  There are no real bargains in boots.  Then, demo some skis.

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But when I get skis what should I be looking for?

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Depends on the type of skiing/terrain you enjoy, ability, strength ect.


The ski for skiing lots of bumps is very different to a ski for shredding big lines, with large turns ect. A lot more factors than you gave us.


+1 on boots first. 

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