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Ski size help

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G'day all i finally decided on a ski, turns out pauls ski shop nearby can get em at a decent price of $1200 AUD est for the Blizzard Soniq IQ  167cm or 174cm Ski 121/68/105


the only problem is chosing my size.


Now my current skis are 170cm and i find them easy to use.


I am 182cm and i weigh 90kg roughly i heard shorter skis are easier to use but i found the shorter ones harder in my lesson. I also didn't wanna go too long as i heard they are harder to turn ect...


What can you recommend would i be better choosing the 167cm version or going the next size up to 174cm?


opinions pls before i decide on a ski

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your lesson- singular?  Why are you buying skis?  It sounds like you are a beginner, yes?  I would definitely just rent if I were you, unless you expect to ski 20 plus days this year or something. 

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i have been skiing all this season lots i did a few lesson on rental skiis to find them to be crap hence why i am buying my own i am using an old set of skiis that are 170cm they work really well for me easy enough to turn and fun to use but next year sometime i wanted a newer pair i am already focused on which ones i wanna lean towards but they only come in a few sizes which are 167cm or 174cm now i am not to sure if a couple cms will make a big difference or not but would i be better off going to the slightly shorter ones or the slightly longer ones i am 182cm tall if that helps.

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If my conversions from metric are accurate, you're a decent-sized person.  I'd go for the longer ones.  They're not really "long".

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Alien, you're in Australia or New Zealand, right? Any plans to come to Japan to ski? I ask because if you do, then you might want to wait and buy here in Tokyo where prices are likely to be lower, especially if you can deal with last year's model.

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Fair enough.  I can understand wanting your own skis if you are skiing lots of days, even if you are still learning.  If for some reason you are absolutely set on buying those skis, get the 174s for sure.  At your size, I think this might even be too small, even for a carving ski like this.  I weigh 20 lbs less than you do and am the same height, and I don't ski anything shorter than 185 cm- but then I don't ski carvers on groomed runs all day.  I must say, I think that price is not at all decent, it is INSANE!  For a mass produced slalom/carver, especially.  I know skis are more expensive down there, but seriously.  You should look for them online in the US or Canada- even with the expensive shipping they have to be cheaper.  Like I said, I am not into the 'I think I am a pro racer' kind of skiing, but there is no way I would pay that kind of money for carving skis.  You can buy the finest handmade skis in the world for prices like that.  These, for example:  > 

Just my opinion.






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Well he can get a 2010 set of Blizzard Soniq IQ"s 174cm for $988 with bindings AUD$ but yeh i know what you mean alot of money still well i measured up and decided yeh longer skis might be the way to go instead of the slightly shorter ones especially if they are gonna last me a while, be nice to demo them first but not many stores here have a variety of skis to try..


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