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Jester "Demo" bindings

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Just recieved my new 2010 Katana's. Bindings were included which I upgraded from Marker M14 free to Jesters. apparently they are a Demo model which I assume allows for boot sole length adjustment via  plastic indexed base track for both heel and toe. does anyone have any advice or opinion as to whether there are drawbacks or considerations with this demo model. Specific questions would be around mouting position, boot sole(stack ) height and whether I could mount them directly without the adjust tracks?. My quick search of previous posts leaves me still wondering about the mount position from center for these skiis as I guess there are some fundamental changes with the Katana over the last couple of years.

 I was not informed that they would be demos when I ordered and I'm not sure if it's a positive thing or not. Maybe I'll be able to move them forward or back from center.  Any insight from the bears would be appreciated. Thanks.

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These are like a Schizo but without the toe/heel connecting cable. I used this binding all last year on my MX88's w/o any issue. You will have the ability to move fore and aft on the ski...not that you will. 

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