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I have never been a huge fan. Really never understood the whole concept.


I can see it as being a potential tool for ski instructors.


Here are several examples. I typically am on the lifts with other instructors by 8:00 a.m. The lifts don't open to the public at that time. Regardless of what our resort reports in terms of snowfall, we typically find the best spots in terms of conditions. I see that as something worthwhile to tweet. A specific example are several of the runs on the front side of Winter Park. Depending on wind velocity and direction, there can be fairly substantial blown in snow......or sometimes it's a bust. Weather is always tough to judge in the mountains. Base temps and mid mountain condition can vary wildly. It is often considerably warmer at our mid mountain in the morning than at our base. Another item that I think would be nice to pass along. Typically there are instructors in the locker room who have driven Berthoud Pass to get to work. I can pass along road conditions, traffic volumes, avy mitigation, etc.


Why do this? Obviously to drive my lesson business. A "value ad" if you will.


Is it something folks would like or is it a waist of time?

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I admit to being an early adopter of technology at various times in the past.  I have a Droid phone, love the apps and use text messaging with our son and some others.  I once had a Facebook account but deleted it after it just became annoying, much rather have a real social life than a cyber social life.  I have not gotten into Twitter and suspect I would come to dislike it about as much as I did Facebook.  BUT, there may be some merit in doing what you suggest, but if I understand it correctly, you would need to have someone as a student first before you could give them the information on how to get this, right?  Shows you how much I know about how it works.

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Rusty, if you want to move into Social Media Marketing there's a lot of ways you could use it to help your "business."


Twitter, facebook, youtube, all linking people to your blog (or website) opt-in e-newsletters, etc.


These can be set up to update each other, so for example your tweets will automatically show up on your facebook page, or if you have a new entry in your blog a tweet can go out with a link to that entry.  So if you write an article on skiing, your followers on Twitter would be notified of it with a link.


Tweeting conditions, traffic and so on are great ideas.  The trick is to get followers, people who subscribe to your tweets.  On your blog and/or facebook page you promote your twitter feed, it all is a web of technologies with the blog being at the center.


Getting people to comment on your blog, or to ask you questions can be a tool to putting them on your email distribution list.  These people now are engaging in 2-way communication with you, and thus have moved closer to being clients, or to recommending you to others.

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I think that's a really interesting idea, and suggest you give it a try. SkiMangoJazz is right - getting followers is the key - otherwise nobody's seeing your tweets. Some ways to help with that:

- follow others (they'll likely follow you back)

- use tags in your tweets. especially initially. tags like #ski and #tahoe (or wherever you are) will make it easier for people looking for the type of stuff you tweet to find you. 

- engage others in conversations on twitter. The way twitter works, your twitter name will come up as a link in their tweets, which means their followers will see you.


I'd suggest you do the same with facebook. Like it or not, that's where people are. And many have it on their smart phones and check it regularly. the only thing there - and with twitter - is that you should consider privacy/security. It's not always a good idea to advertise to the world that you're not home. This may be a minor thing, but something to consider nonetheless.


setting up a blog with these updates would be a great idea. that provides another way - and then it provides an easy way for them to find out more about you - the kind of instructor you are - how they can hire you...If you start to get really busy, you could even set up online lesson booking on your website. There are software services that do this for cheap.


BTW - I may try your idea this season! It's very clever.


If you get to twitterland, drop me a note at I have a lot of skier followers, so I'll retweet some of your posts to help you get more followers.



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I use twitter to keep track of lift/terrain openings. It helped me get the goods quite a few times last year.

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In addition to what everyone else has said:


I've used Facebook to find out what/where current and past Winter Park instructors are at.  They're scattered everywhere except maybe outer space.


I've made industry connections and gotten new clients from Texas and beyond (who tip nicely) using Facebook and Twitter.


Expanded the visibility of Winter Park's ski bike program and gotten more lessons for myself and other ski bike instructors using both.


I'm not expert at using all the tricks but I'm getting there.  I need to get more followers and start using tags more.  Using keywords in your Tweets helps generate followers. 


Maybe we should have a clinic at Winter Park on using Twitter, Facebook, and blogs to generate business?????   Jonathan Lawson does have the blog site for instructors.  It's free for PSIA members.  It has some really good booking and communication tools.

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I tweet and I'm on Facebook but I use them for different purposes.  Twitter, for me, is about work and some fun.  Facebook is about fun. 


I don't sync all my tweets to my website or my Facebook page because I find that repetitious, and to quote someone on Twitter, "it's killing our souls!"   Foursquare is perhaps the most annoying app ever created, but that's my 2 cents and another topic altogether.


Last winter I used Twitter to keep track of road conditions during a nasty ice storm--great for JIT info.  I don't have any apps on my phone--I guess I don't think that I'm such an exciting person that people want to know my every waking move and thought!  


Would I use Twitter to keep current on ski conditions?  Sure, great idea!  I've stopped following resorts because it's just one boring advertisement after the next.  But I would follow people who give good current information about the mountain. 


If you have the equipment (your cell phone?), take a video of yourself or someone else skiing that morning and post it as a link on Twitter.  Do it every day you're out and get your followers to anticipate this tweet.  It's fun, it'll get retweeted, and you'll amass some followers for sure.  Have fun! 


SC aka @TrainingWizard

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Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post
If you have the equipment (your cell phone?), take a video of yourself or someone else skiing that morning and post it as a link on Twitter.  Do it every day you're out and get your followers to anticipate this tweet.  It's fun, it'll get retweeted, and you'll amass some followers for sure.  Have fun! 


SC aka @TrainingWizard


Another great idea!  Even better - talk for 15s before your video about a tip for how to deal with that snow. then ski awesomely for another 15s and new clients will be lining up...


When you get home, post them on your blog, and talk to the resort and ask if they will post them there (most places will because its good for them).  Make sure you introduce yourself at the start of each vid for even more request privates...



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Hey, im brand new to this site. Just looking around into past discussions that i could start getting involved in.


I think twitter is definitely a cool way to find out info about up to the minute conditions. I also found a cool new site that is sort like twitter in the sense that it is a site with status updates, but it is solely focused on action sports. Its called State of I guess it will only be useful once it gets users but it seems like a cool way to be tapped in without all the other nonsense and pop-culture that comes along with twitter. 

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