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I just love what i've experienced of quebec: namely montreal, quebec city and the eastern townships (i think quebec and montreal rank right up there, besides victoria as 2 of my fav cdn cities) ... one year when I lived in toronto  in 90' (?) 4 friends and I headed to mont tremblant near montreal to ski the wkend (5 hr away)...and it was during a cold snap (minus 20-30F but we'd planned it a while back so we weren't cancelling)...howver, once we got up the chair lift on one of the high runs there was this huge thermoeter: it read i kid you not (and i'll never forget this) -54F with the wind chill ...we had to cover up EVERY flippin' part of our body, man going down...was one brutal LONG run...never has poutine tasted so good (and I love poutine anyway)....


mont sutton, owl's head, (the 'eastern townships') were also great places (mont sutton known for it's glade skiing) montreal and quebec city.

(but here i am in lovely BC, so it ain' half bad here, either).


I only wish I'd been into skiing then as I am now (or had the technology we do have today) as I missed out on visiting the nearby equally great areas of Vermont and such, too..(me bad)....such great culture all around those places I've read....but again here in Vancouver BC I have 3 ski hills all 30 min away (to me only one hill is decent: Cypress) and whistler is only 2 hr away on a fab highway (sea to sky)...then there is a plethora of other resorts just 5-8 hrs east of the Okanagan Valley and it's all good out west where the ''real'' skiing is.