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Spell checker gone

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Words that are misspelled still show up underlined, but now there is nothing I can do to find suggestions and fix them.  I used to be able to hold down a modifier key and click on the word, now nothing works.


The slide downhill continues for this platform.  (pun intended.)

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I can use FF's by clicking the Control key and right-clicking.  And I can use the spell check icon.  FF 3.6.10

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Yup,  Ctrl+ Right-click still works.     But then again so does the little ABC button in the editor.


FF 3.6.10 Safe Mode,  Win2K

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this editor sucks big. When I hit enter it doesn't go to a new line. So lamE. firefox win 7, office 2010




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No problems with that, either. 


Win 7 64-bit, quick reply version of editor, FF 3.6.10.  Will try "Full page editor"....



Still fine. 


I think you guys have too many plug-ins or something. 

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Safari Mac, so I did find the key command that works, thanks sibhusky.  command right click on the mac works.  used to be control click (or simply right click.)


And yes the abc works, never even saw that!  d'oh

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The spell check seems to sometimes be checking the word behind or in front of the one it suggests changing.  I can't recreate it at the moment but it's happened twice at different points over the weekend using FF 35 in Win 7.

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