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Big White - Early February

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I am looking to book a trip for 6 intermediate skiers to Big White in Early February.


Looking for any good or bad points on the mountain?

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I hear it's a pretty nice place. Only knock I hear on it is that their nickname is Big whiteout for a reason.

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Great mountain resort, that is not talked about much here, should fit really well for your group.  Great timing for you normally lots of snow for you then.  Fog can be an issue there, so don't be surprised if you get some.  Are you staying down in Kalowna or up on the mountain?  Lots of good slope side lodging options.  If you are staying in a condo get your food and esentials down in Kalowna, better choices and less $.


Please remember to stay hydrated, drink lots of Kokaney.  Have fun!

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 Big White is an excellent mountain for intermediates.  Yes the fog and overcast is chronic, but probably for the best as there's a lot of south exposure.  Early February rates to be good, especially with the La Nina.  I was in the Okanagan a week in February 1999 and it dumped most of the time.

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Interior BC is awesome, and although they have good snow and terrain, they don't get the big fame and crowds that other places get.

I spent last winter in Sun Peaks and had the chance to visit other resorts close by.

Big White, Silverstar (close to Vernon) and Sun Peaks (close to Kamloops) are totally recomended!

The 3 resorts are very good for intermediates, with long groomed runs, and nice glades. Big white and Sun Peaks also have some good intermediate alpine terrain.

Sun Peaks usually has better weather (less fog) than Big White. But Big white may get a little more snow.

If you have the time, check the 3 resorts out.

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I spent 2 days there in March of 2005 and I highly recommend it!  It does have lots of long rolly groomers which are entertaining, plenty of glades and an awesome terrain park and superpipe.  It was sunny the first day and overcast the second, but no fog for us.  Stayed slopeside in the village, comfortable and conveniant.  Didn't seem like there was too many options for late night entertainment, but there was one pub/club right in the center of the village that everyone congregated at.  Had a DJ spinnin and plenty of pretty Canadian snow bunnies.  Take the Gondola down the hill late one night and hit up the inner-tube hill.  It's fun.


Oh yeah and they have night skiing there too...but holy crap is it cold!

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Thanks for your input we are booked for the first week of February 2011.

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
Fog can be an issue there, so don't be surprised if you get some. 

It shouldn't be an issue for a Haligonian.

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We had a great family time, 10 days last Jan.


We only saw the sun 2 out of 10 ski days.  Very disappointing.


Stuck next to the trees and was ok.


My wife who is a timid skier was put off big time by not being able to see.


You have to take the weather however you get it I suppose.

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Big White is my "home" mountain.  As the others have said, great choice for intermediates.  There will be plenty of variety to keep everyone happy.   And definitely the fog can be an issue.  You can get a week with none, or a week of nothing but...

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