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Instructing in South America

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As the season comes to an end here, all talk has turned to whether to come back next year, and I probably will, but I do have a yearning to go ski in South America. I don't really speak Spanish though, a tentative plan is to go to Central America for a few months first, in between the northern and southern winters and learn Spanish there, but I guess I would have to arrange jobs earlier in the year than that.


Does anyone have any experience instructing down there? Is it easy to get jobs? Lucrative? Basically any info at all about working down there would be great.


Cheers, Jim

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Hi Jim..

I have never skied in South America. But I am planning on spending next (northern) summer either in NZ or South America. I do speak Spanish ok and had already a look at several homepages of ski schools (most have a English version even for applicants). It seemed that it is much easier for foreighners to get a job in South America than it is in NZ. I was told that the usual time to apply is between december and january for overseas applicants. Were would you like to go? I was told to try to get in in Las Lenas.

I would also be happy about the first hand information, if somebody answerd your message.


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Easier to work in SA, really? That'd be nice, working in NZ really isn't that hard, I'm just finishing my 3rd season down here and fancy a change. Give me a shout if you have any questions about working down here.


Las Lenas sounds good, but maybe the town is a bit small, I think Bariloche might have a better balance of skiing to other activities, but really anywhere that would give me a pass, accom and a job would be great!

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Wow, that gets my hopes up:) All I read on the internet about NZ ski schools sounded like they had tons of applicants to chose from. Where in NZ are you? Another problem for me is, that I am still at university. I have my finals mid/end june and have to be back in the end of september. So I might miss the first weeks.. This might reduce my chances to get in somewhere.

Bariloche would be my second choice. But you are quite right I will send my QV everywhere where it has snow.. We are going to have a ski instructor from Argentina in our team this winter. Maybe I can ask him a few things or he even knows some good places in SA to apply to. If he has tipps I will forward those to you..

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There are lots of applicants at the NZ schools, but there are ways in, do you come from a country which has a working holiday program with NZ? Where do you work? If you can get a visa ahead of time, that makes it a lot easier to get a job. I work at Remarkables and initially got my job by going down there and doing the hiring clinic. Also they have been hiring a broader spectrum of instructors this year, as they need more people to work in the kids program, so you don't necessarily have to be full cert to get a job.


I am just going to try and write a CV in Spanish and apply everywhere too, it's hard though, I love it here and it'll be hard to move somewhere else!

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Thanks for the visa advice! I just checked and it seems that I could get a "working holiday" visa easily. Do think that is enough?

I once did a special "kids ski Instructor course", so I won't forget to metion that in my application for the Remarkables smile.gif I am not fully cert yet, but I will work on that this winter (and probably next winter as well..).

I am about to do my second year in the Jugfrau region and I think I am stuck for good here.. (at least from november till april.) And you, where are you heading next when season ends in NZ?


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Hey Shermine, sorry for lack of response, only thought of this thread  again as I am just starting to get applications underway.


I know that apps for NZski (Coronet and Remarks) open on the 31st, so get yours in as soon after that as possible, as they can close quite quickly.


I am currently teaching in Japan, it's my 3rd year over here and I love it, not so much snow as last year. The best thing about working here is the massive night skiing area, doesn't matter that I never get a day off, as I can always go ski for myself.


As I have bumped this, anyone got any ideas about where to apply for instructing jobs in South America?


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