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How wide can I go with railflex plate

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have just ordered a Railflex plate and some 95mm brakes so that i can use my tyrolia HD14 bindings on my Volkl Mantras. 115mm brakes are available for RF compatible bindings and I was wondering if anybody has mounted railflex plates on 110+ skis?


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I put Railflex on 115s but I haven't been able to try them yet. However, I did it after conducting quite a bit of research on this forum and other sources. There is a glowing review of the 115-waisted Huge Trouble on this forum from someone who mounted them with Railflex and found them to be vital for determining the best binding placement. Many people seem to prefer bindings as low as possible on wide skis, but I've read about many others who still like a little height on their pow skis. I plan on sharing my fat skis, so I figure the potential downside of the height (which may or may not exist for me) does not outweigh the convenience of sharing the skis.

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I've had them on 105's with no issues whatsoever; if anything the stand height helps get wider skis over on edge, saves your knees on groomers. Width seems to take care of business, which anyway on a 100+ is rarely applying maximum possible pressure to edges. Width wouldn't affect my decision about 115, but stand height might. Would go RF if I wanted to change binding location a lot, but not clear why you'd do that on a dedicated pow ski. 

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They do make 115mm brake width for railflex   Seee Here











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Ohh my bad. I didnt realize what you were asking. I put my railflex on my new pair of Nordica enforcers. Primarily as a money savings and #2 allowing me to bring 2 pairs of skis easily with changing bindings. As well, the adjustment of fore-aft for me is a big plus. Having a racing background and starting on atomics, I believe I like my bindings more aft then what people are doing with them now. We'll see though.

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I'd have less concern about stack height than about narrow mounting.  Railflex bases have a narrow drill footprint.  Lateral slop can become pronounced on wider skis.


I know that Mrs. StormDay had Railflexes on her Volkl Auras (women's Mantras) and loved them.  But I'd get nervous going wider.  (Which is, in fact, why I sold my extra Railflex bindings and three sets of plates at the Start Haus sale.)

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I have mounted RF on my 112mm wide skis that have a 16m turn radius. I did this to pack more skis into a ski bag and to change position on skis as snow conditions change. I love to carve groomers after the powder is gone. I found that the ability to move the binding forward makes my wide ski much easier to initiate a short carved turn.

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I have ordered the plates and 95mm wide brakes from levelnine and saw that they had 115mm brakes, hence my OP. I ski in Japan nowadays and my Mantras will do the job but I wouldn't mind some 115+ skis as well. My thinking is, if I pick up a cheap used pair of wide skis (few and far between where I come from) then i could simply add an RF plate, chuck the wider brakes in my bag and have a cheap setup.


i travel to ski and most recently Northern Japan has been the family favourite. Tight baggage limits mean that careful packing is required. One set of bindings reduces weight to start with and by removing the bindings I can pack  more efficiently. I.e I can fit 2 pair of my skis + a pair of kids skis in the one bag allowing me to use the kids baggage limit for bindings, clothes . etc.


The narrow drill footprint has been my only concern but i suppose that might only be a problem if i was getting them on edge on firmer snow but the Mantras are for those conditions.


I'll have to wait and see if the levelnine purchase goes well. Have not purchased anything from them before and its always a worry buying from an OS store for the first time.


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I've purchased from Level Nine a few times and never had any trouble. Customer service has been great (respond quickly to email) and they've also handled returns smoothly and quickly. I've never had the need for them to ship int'l, though.

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I'm in Sydney and my purchase of RF plate and bindings from levelnine went as smoothly as you could possibly want.  I've nothing but good things to say about their knowledge of the equipment and their customer service.

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Good to hear S7.

Received an email from L9 this morning stating that the plates did not come with screws. Was told that they are easy to come by. I replied saying that binding screws are definitely not easy to come by in my neck of the woods. Just received a further email and they will throw in screws.

Only concern is that the bloke who emailed me says he has just discovered Aussie footy and is now a Collingwood supporter. Hopefully he will come to his senses and switch clubs or even better codes. Broncos 2011.

What did you mount the plates on?

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I was reading through some railflex threads last night and saw a post which indicated that the tryolia brakes are narrower than advertised. Since I ordered 95mm brakes for my Mantras(96mm) with a view to spreading them a bit, I decided to get the 115mm brakes and close them up a bit if I have too.

Any comments/opinions/thoughts on the 115mm brake being used on a 96mm waisted ski?


I'm hoping that if the 115 doesn't hang out the sides of the Mantras too much then I might be able to use them on a 115mm waisted skis as well

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The aforementioned Auras were fitted with 95mm brakes.  Then again, they're easy to swap.  Personally, though, I don't like having brakes 1cm out on either side.

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Tyrolia breaks are pretty heavy duty, so they're not the easiest to bend. But if you have to bend them out a little to fit better, here's a link to some pics and bending suggestions on TGR:



I have the 115 RF brakes on a 115-waisted ski and they are really tight when in the braking position. However, when folded up they are sticking out a little more than I'd like, so I'd guess on a 96-waisted ski they would be sticking out much more than you want. I plan on doing some bending to get them in better positions when either up or down.

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 [Shameless plug]http://wasatchpowderskis.com [/shamelessplug] had a pair of dps lotus 120 mounted w/ railflex  I rode a bit a few seasons ago.

no complaints

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Thanks for link TSG.

I originally purchased Salomon Z12Ti's with wider break for my Mantras but shyed away from using them after some discussion here and at TGR. Will be using them on my daughter's new twinnies which are only 85mm wide so it looks like we will both have brakes that are wider than intended.


Can anybody provide any insight into what problems if any that we can expect from having brakes that are oversize. Obviously they will stick out a bit, maybe possibity of catching edge of opposite ski?

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