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nice video-- La Grave

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What was that line in Aspen Extreme...  "The skiing is the easy part"



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Made my day JohnJ! Thanks for the link. Awe inspiring mountain, camera work and skiing. Smile firmly planted on face....

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Outstanding video with an amazing photography!

It definitely shows the passion they have about these mountains.

Watched the Kashmir episode and it's just as good, looking forward to the Canadian Rockies episode!

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That was amazing. I can only aspire to that level of skiing
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My kind of ski film.  Thanks for sharing!

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Originally Posted by tetonpwdrjunkie View Post

My kind of ski film.  Thanks for sharing!

No problem.  Found it in your neck of the woods (cyberwoods)

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Wonderful, wonderful video. And the song...aaaah.

I lllike it. Thanks for posting.

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Wow!  Great look at an extreme alpine culture.  A frightening and beautiful place.

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Beautiful video, beautiful (and scary) place. 

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I have watched this video many times, each time with greater respect and admiration for the skiers and artists who shot it. It is, I think, an articulate answer to the question,"What is it about skiing, anyway?"


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well done...great french soundscore too...thanks for sharing...a great creation of ambiance to be sure...all those little things ie, the patisserie, great French music...(who is the artist..I liked that band)..

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