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Snowbasin Season Tickets

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Does anyone know how to buy season tickets to Snowbasin?  I can't figure out a way online and no one answers their phones in the middle of the day.  Anyone have any clues?

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You could just go up there.

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I'm in Logan, so its a little too far to just "run up there real quick." 

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I do the DTL card which you can buy up until mid december. I have a pass at beaver and ski there mostly but hit snowbasin 5-10 days a year. Also more BC this season.

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Try calling on Friday, Saturday or Sunday--there are more people up there on the days and the people are actually taking pictures and selling passes on Saturday and Sunday (possible Friday also).  I believe the prices go up in early October so you will probably want to contact someone this weekend. 

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Got them on the phone this morning and we're good to go.  Its been a while since I've been able to afford a season pass so I'm way excited.

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