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I waste enough time here!

But I've looked around. Paula's is very vanilla. Powder? The maggots are great, but I'm a gaper. I don't really fit in.

Epic has the best crowd, hands down. So good that sometimes I think AC should be paying us!
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Back to Pete's and Nolo's discussion: We have clearly found a mix of both types--those that are "giving it a go" (on holiday for a one time try), and those that seek a real connection to skiing (like golf). This is definitely not a one or the other group. The beauty of it is that each can get what she wants and all can get both in skiing with self-determined levels of effort. This is part of why skiing is, in fact, unique and wonderfully available to all levels of participation. We know this, scsa, because we have and still do, ask our customers often.
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Thank you, Weems, for clearing the air. You and Lisa have arrived at the conclusion far better than I did: skiing is fun for both the casual and the committed. Let's serve both groups equally well, and let's also look at the very large group that is in-between.

I think the resorts are working hard to improve the introduction to the sport, but still bottlenecks and a feast or famine business cycle cause us uneven performance.

I am starting to see a resurgence of interest in going after the higher end market and I applaud that, but this business is a small piece of the total pie and will naturally tend to go to the celebrities with branded programs and schools with PSIA demo team members on staff.

What interests me is the intermediates. I know that the intermediate plateau has caused many a promising skier to lose interest, because I have talked to them. They lowered the task and took up cross country or snowmobiling, to a one.

They didn't complain. They just drifted away. How would you address the shortcomings and keep them interested in skiing?
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This is a critical area. I know it is what Lito has built his whole world on, and with great success. And I think he does it by following your suggestion: to lower the task. In other words, to a man and women, all his guests speak highly of him because of his clarity. He has lowered the complexity task, reduced the game to a few achievable fundamentals. And by lowering the task he has raised the achievable level and therefore the available delight.

I think all our best pros do that.
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