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RideON !

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Yes, the cycling season is still rolling on.  Some cell phone pictures from a few recent rides that celebrate the time leading into biking & skiing [and that will be heaven].  Hope you've had some great rides thus far. 


A view looking north-east to downtown from the ride up City View Dr in Deer Creek

[Denver bldg skyline can't be made out on the cell phone but it's dead center on this shot]:



Betsy [check socks], Bob Barnes, Cgeib and eadjbrown listen to Grange caretaker Heather say that she’ll keep the rest stop open as long as folks are riding up DC:



Betsy with a Douglas County Daniel’s Park Vista background [viewing south-west]:



We ride where the Buffalo roam [oh...and they can easily outrun you on your bike ]:



Cgeib and Betsy at Lake Dillon:



I’m on a stretch of county road just south of home…not quite the cobbles of Paris/Roubaix…but it sure as hell gives a mtb experience for us lower skilled roadies





Betsy will soon be spinning out of her 50x11 [at her weight and aero on this pitch she’ll clock 41mph before the next flat]:



From a smooth fast road in the Ranch looking towards downtown Denver on a Bronco's Sunday [at far pole]; Bets takes a sip:




This fellow got pan caked before he could get his next bite out of a passing ankle:



Anyone else pulling out a cell phone from their jersey pocket and snapping a pic or two? 


RideOn and soon to also SlideOn!

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thanks for riding and sharing!


still have at least 50 more cycleable days there, going to be sad when its over.

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The weather looks great out there.  Thanks for sharing!!

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Nice ride.  Same situation here, transition from winter to summer, so still some skiing to be had, though most mornings the decision to be made is surf or cycle (well it is a 5 hour drive to the snow).

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Just got lights, so the MTB season will be extended..........

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Originally Posted by John V. View Post

Just got lights, so the MTB season will be extended..........

smile.gif good stuff. they work for skiing to. No such thing as a un lit trail any more.

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