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Instep Height on New Lange RS 130 Wide

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I am 6'3" 250, level 7-8, with fairly average forefoot (98MM too tight, 100mm pretty good), narrow heel, and as one bootfitter told me once--mt vesuvious for an instep.  I have not had much luck finding an appropriate fit for that description, but have been real excited reading about the new langes RS and RX (wides) because they seem to fit the bill from what I read.


I was under the impression that the RS and RX are essentially the same shell, but am now worried they are not from reviews I read on the America's Best Bootfitter's webpage (sorry about the reference to another page Epic).   That sight gives the RX 130 wide a 5 (top score scale of 1-5) for instep height, but a 2 for the RS130 (albeit in the 98MM version).  I assumed the RS 130 was the same shell as RS 130 wide (in terms of instep-they both have the new "instep pocket"), just that the RS 130 wide shell was 100mm in the forefoot instead of 98. 


I would prefer to get the RS 130 wide instead of the RX130 wide, but am concerned the RS has lower instep.  Anybody know if the RS 130 wide has a fairly accomodating instep, or is it a 2 like the narrower RS 130 (98mm)?

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ok here goes...this gets confusing


RX and RS wide both same shell 100mm with different liners

RS and RX PRO are both the same shell 97mm with different liners


on the RX and RX pro models the liner is a thermo fit RL3 liner on the RS and RS wide it is a pro fit liner (thinnner as far as i can tell)


so where you buy the RS or RX so long as you buy the equivilent one then the shell is the same, instep height can be gained on any boot, just takes the tools and the skills to do it, but in an ideal world you want the one which is closest to start with


hope that helps

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Yes, I think so--based on that it looks like the RS130 Wide should have the same instep height as the RX130 (I was calling it wide, but remembered when you posted the naming distinction between 100MM and smaller is RX130 v RX130pro).  In fact, maybe this is not accurate, but if the RS has thinner liner, wouldn't that leave more room for instep? 


One final question, why can I find no RX or RS Langes in a 29.0?  Do they only make a 28.5 and a 29.5--no whole sizes?  I am tempted to get the 28.5 despite having purchased a 29.5 over the years.  My sockless foot measures 275 mm and I prefer thin smartwool socks, so I maybe 28.5 would work?  I ordinarily wear a 11.5 or 12 in street shoe. 

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if your sock less foot measures 275mm, then all indications would lead to that boot in a 27.5. 


have you been buying boots larger than your measured size to accommodate your high instep?


do you live near a bootfitter that could assess your foot shape and skiing goals to help you figure out which size will best fit your needs?


if your foot looks like a 27.5 and walks like a 27.5, it probably is not a 28.5 or a 29.5.


as a gross exaggeration, all of us wear street shoes that are bigger than what our feet measure. yes, you wear size 11.5 or 12, but if your foot measures 275mm in length, you could comfortably be in smaller shoes.


on another note, the reviews that are available on line or in the magazines only matter when you go and try the boots on your feet. if you buy a boot based solely on the number rating or the description of the testers, good luck. there is no method to transfer the comments that boot testers make to the shape of your feet via this forum. you have to try the boots on and determine for yourself how they feel to you. it can also be helpful to get some guidance from a fitter that can describe what to look for as you are trying these boots on.



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Thanks Jim.  No bootfitters around. I go to great lengths to find places to try on and work with fitters when I travel for work.  About a month ago in DC I was all excited to try on some of the new Langes at a place called Skicenter that sells them online.  I was crestfallen when I called and the guy explained they were still selling patio furniture and hadn't switched over to ski stuff for the fall/winter yet.  He went on an on about not being able to stay in business, etc. if they sold ski stuff year round.  Anyway, I will find someway to try on before buying and won't go on reviews, despite being in ski deprived Kentucky. 


Anyway I think I have been going for bigger sizes to accomodate instep at least with my most recent purchase.  Having said that, not sure how accurate my 275 mm measurement is, which was done by me drawing my foot on paper and then measuring in 10 cm intervals using the straight edge of my daughter's protractor. I have the high instep, and have also been told that I have a very rigid arch that somehow takes up a lot room somehow. 


I skied at Killington last year during a business trip and worked with a fitter at Basin Ski Shop.  On the measuring thingy that you stand on I was a 29.0, so my home measurement is probably off.  I have long been tempted to try the 28.5 in the Langes, but will get it right by trying on, etc.  The lange size chart puts 11-11.5 right in the middle between 285 and 290, which I believe is unique among size charts, but not sure.   


My current boots (Head Edge 10 or something--only ones I have ever bought without try on) are too big and are 29.5, but just too roomy, don't really feel too long  I have padded the living daylights out of the ankle heel area to make more snug.  On the other hand, my 15-16 year old Lange Banshees (favorite boot but painful--got caught up in the Tommy Moe frenzy) were 29.5, had no instep height but felt right lengthwise. When I bought the Langes I had about 6% body fat, when I bought the Heads I was a quite a tad higher.   


Thanks for the input

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ok, good info, however it is still difficult to resolve your query via this forum.  i am a bit of a glutton for conflicting information, so let's dig deeper.


the information you are giving us is helpful in pointing out previous mistakes that you have made in boot puchases. for example the head edge is the largest boot known to mankind, so no surprise that if you bought it in your measured size, you would have room for your foot, an extra pair of sox, a road map of paris, 2 candy bars, and a john grisham novel. the tommy moe era lange is another story, these were not sold in mondopoint sizing so going off the sole length in mm is how we can figure out what size you owned. either way the diversity between the old lange and your current head is huge! and we still do not know what your foot really measures, and that it is believed that you have a high instep with a rigid arch, but we can not tell how high/rigid compared to what?


boot fitting is not rocket scientology, however your situation is as clear as mississippi mud.to help get to a workable problem solving place you really need to have a meeting with a skilled bootfitter, your feet, and a selection of boots. and yes i understand that you do not live in an area where this is possible.


things that will help you find clarity:


proper assessment of your foot size, heel/instep perimeter, foot shape, arch flexibility, and ankle joint range of motion


putting your foot into the empty shells and determine how much space is behind the heel when the toe is gently touching the front. and how much space there is at the forefoot when your heel is all the way at the back of the shell.


looking at your foot next to the boot that you are trying to see if there is similarity between the outside shape of the boot shell and your foot.


trying the boots on with your footbed installed.


buy the boots that work best and go skiing!








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Thanks so much. Btw, did a proper measurement last night and my right
foot is 284mm and left foot is 285mm or just between
285 and 286mm. Don't know how I was 10mm off in the first measurement
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thanks for the update. the biggest boots you should be trying on are 28's or 28.5's ( they are the same size )



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Thanks again Jim.  I have been on epic for 2.5 years and I think you have answered every question I have ever posted.  Assuming I can get to a proper boot store, and assuming the RS 130 wide works for me out of the box, or that I show up in Truckee--does Starhaus carry that boot or plan to get it or the other 11 Langes? 

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we stock all of the lange rs and rx models.



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Originally Posted by mtwhoosh View Post

Thanks again Jim.  I have been on epic for 2.5 years and I think you have answered every question I have ever posted.  Assuming I can get to a proper boot store, and assuming the RS 130 wide works for me out of the box, or that I show up in Truckee--does Starhaus carry that boot or plan to get it or the other 11 Langes? 

go visit the man.... YOU WILL NOT be disapointed

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