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Atom Katana

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I was looking for powder skis at bargain price... And found Katanas... But.. They aren't Volkl Katanas... Or maybe they are? But they look too narrow...

The seller couldn't tell anything reasonable. Just that he spent $280 on them a year ago... And lenght - 178...

Google doesn't help - 2 groups of results (Atomic or Volkl Katana)...

Just one matching result - a Russian freestyle skiing forum with 6 replies without any remarkable details...

So... What is it? Any information would be good...


I will add more photos as soon as seller sends them to me...

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Those are NOT Volkl Katanas (no idea what they are).

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Did some extra search... If you can't find in google, try 


They are Russian skis...

Twin tips... 111-82-106 or 125-93-119 (Fat version). Sizes 165, 170, 175, 180.


According to what's said in Russian ski forums, they are very light. Tops are very easy to scratch. And they delaminate very quickly.

And the best technology...



Neither Firefox or Chrome won't let me enter the manufacturer site

(VIRUS ALERT I think Linux and Mac users won't have this problem.

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