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6 Months in Banff - Need your Advice/help

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G'day all,

Im Nick from Australia heading over to Banff for the 2010/2011 ski season.

Iv got plenty of questions to ask you guys as this is my first whole season skiing and first time out of Aus or Japan.


what jobs would would guys recommend? im happy doing anything, would you recommend working for the mountain or in the town?

Theres talk of a house being organised by people im meeting over there so i wouldnt make use of the staff accom provided by the mountain.

If anyone has any contacts in Banff your help would be greatly apprecatied!


is it common for season passes to be provided by employers?


once im there, how much would you estimate its going to cost be before getting set up? i know this all depends on lots of things like how quickly i get a job :P


How easy is it to come accross 2nd hand skis at the start of the season? how much would i be looking to pay for a decent all mountain ski?

at this stage i guess i shouldnt bother looking at which ones i want, iv only skiied on k2 Apache recons and dont know alot on the subject.



Thanks heaps for you help guys,

feel free to post anything you might think this rookie hasnt realised yet :P









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no one from banff frown.gif

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lucky you, mate....i worked at post hotel lake louise many years ago and loved it (when you're there be sure to check out the icefield parkway from lakelouise (just outside of banff is where it begins) and heads north on a STUNNING 3 hr ride north to Jasper ( jasper is such a true mtn town).

the icefield parkway (do a google search) is indeed one of THE most gorgeous mtn highways in the world that lives up to its name...like seeing 13 switzerlands along the stunning 3 hr ride....tons of 'animal jams' with mountain goats blocking the highway along the way...the elk and moose and harems lounging around in banff or more especially in smaller more quaint jasper...the Rocky Mountains range ( that dominates the area) are just awesome...they have stunning Schwarzenneger like stature that blows away so many other mtn ranges.


back to your goals of skiing...uh...er...um 'working' in banff ....popular duties for seasonal help: ski patrol, tickets, mtn host, deskclerks or concierge at the various motels/ hotels, restaurant waiters, busboys, bartenders, hotel room cleaners...i'd contact the banff chamber of commerce and get some leads that way ie, a list of the restaurants/hotel/lodging in the area and just blister out your resume....just sell yourself as having great customer service, being professional, warm, attention to detail, being a very hard worker to go above and beyond and have good refs...and follow up with a name... (you know the drill).


here's a google search i just did under 'working at banff'  hope it helps give you some ideas.



and another one under 'working at banff at during ski season'  



you aussies sure do like cdn ski resorts don't you: everywhere I've been to, ie whistler, banff, big white, apex, i'm greeted by that cheerful assie accent...nice to hear that we're on your radar.

good luck

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