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I Hate Not Thinking Far Enough Ahead!

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OK.  This is only semi ski related.  This started because I spend Easter to Thanksgiving doing all the honey-dos I can so Thanksgiving to Easter, I can ski without getting the "stink eye"  from my wife. That's the .  I'm a bit behind right now because of rotator cuff surgery in April.  One of the items on my list was to re-arrange the basement so there was more area to workout - done.  Tread mill, bowflex, recumbent bike all  on matted floor and a 10x10 matted area infront of a TV for Wii fit etc.  Did this a few months ago and everything has been great. 


Couple weeks ago my lovely bride of 20 years convinces me to add a couple cabinets to the kitchen . "No problem, honey.  Anything for you" .  All done this weekend except I need to cut one piece of 1 x stock for a spacer on the table saw.  The table saw I thought I wouldn't need for a while (didn't know I would be doing a kitchen remodel) and its stored on the other side of the work out area and won't make it by the tread mill!


So just move the tread mill right?  Well it's on mats and doesn't move worth a crap and weighs 296 pounds!  Did I mention I had rotator cuff surgery


OK.  I'm done whining.  Just had to get it out of my system.  Going to move the tread mill now.  Excessive use of emoticons was me stalling.

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EZ Moves furniture slides. When not using them to move large bulky objects they can be used to work on independent leg rotation. (Braquage) see The complete Encyclopedia of Skiing


Just sayin.....

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You need a new saw, or a neighbor with a saw. 

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Bring it over and use my tablesaw.

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Thanks for the ideas.  Should have waited a few minutes more after posting before I started.  Your ideas make way more sense. 


In true Marine fashion, I looked at it and tried to find the shortest route for the table saw.  The "move the tread mill" route had the table saw travel about 10 or 12 feet.  In all actualality it only had to move the the other side of the wall it was against.  Since the wall was only a make shift wall (mostly just to keep dust out and made of scrap plywood and sheet rock), I rolled my computer out of the way (on the other side of the wall), took down the wall, slid the table saw over, put the computer where the saw was, then rebuilt the wall.  Took less than an hour and I didn't have to strain my exhausted (from hanging cabiunets) shoulder.  I also ended up with the two items being moved in better locations and the wall is now taller.


Marine Logic.jpg




In the basement I've always used these deals on wheels that were designed for moving snow mobiles.  I use them for moving the 8x6 racks I built.  The issue is the tread mill, that has wheels on it, doesn't move well on the mats.  The mats are the interlocking ones that you get from BJ's or HD.  You did make me think of a couple of ways to use them in my workouts though.

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