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Vail's Loss! Snowbird's Gain!

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It saddens me to find out that Vail has lost an individual who surely could have been a guiding light for the restructuring of the Vail / Beaver Creek Ski Schools.

Maggie Loring has been appointed as the new SS Manager/ Director at Snowbird. A great move and setting for her and Chip (her husband- also missed here) and I wish her all the best with the Snowbird organization!

Keep up the great work! Have a great season!

We'll miss you at Lionshead.....

Hope to see you in January!!!!! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

(and continuing your participation here on the Forum...)

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Will Maggie be able to meet up with us at teh Gathering? I'd love to chat with her! As much as the system may have flaws, if it was not for Perfect Turn, I would never have learned to enjoy skiing.
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ML will be much missed. DA will also be much missed when he heads off for the Tahoe region.

Everyone is looking forward to an excellent season wherever they land.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Maggie joins a very exclusive group: women who run major ski schools.

What other women run major U.S. schools?
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>>> Margaret “Maggie” Loring, new Snowbird Mountain School Director.<<<

Is this lady on EpicSki?

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I have seen a few of her posts, but very few. I hope she drops by more often.

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Ott--Maggie has made a few appearances here, but not for some time. I believe she went by the name "ML."

Nolo--I can think of several women for your list of major ski school directors. Besides Maggie at Snowbird, there is Johanna Hall at Steamboat, Dee Byrne at Vail (with Carol Levine as the training director), Kathy Witherspoon at Sugarloaf, and until recently, Annie Vareille-Savath at Telluride. That's a pretty strong list, and it represents only the two states I know best. I'm sure there are many more. Several of Colorado's medium-sized ski schools have female directors too, including Loveland (as of this season) and Powderhorn. Considering that, in most ski schools, male instructors outnumber female instructors by an enormous margin, the number of women who have taken the top spot is surprising!


Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I see Maggie plans to teach. How realistic would you rate that prediction? At Snowbird?

Actually, the director at Bridger gets out and teaches form time to time. It's kind of amusing what a big charge he gets out of it. Talks about the lesson as though it was a novel experience. Which I guess it is, given the amount of time he is chained to his desk.
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Maggie was a great choice! I found out about a month ago just after I saw her at an NSAA gig in Boulder! We were both talking about the future and coyly talking about opportunities....including the one in "Utah". My hat is off to her! She will do great!
Adding to Bob's list...add Marty Harrison at Okemo who retired last season after 20+ years! Angel Fire once had the only female Mountain Manager I know of for about 6 or so seasons, Laurie Andrew!
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I would say any SS Director that finds the time to teach has mastered the #1 rule of "time management". Finding time to go back to the roots of on hill teaching keeps a director very much "in touch" with the clients and the workers.

My personal experience with ML, DB, and CL has been nothing but positive and enthusiastic. They all have the capacity to listen and acknowledge worker input and then actually put ideas into practise.

LH SS now has a another women GM in Inge Franberg. Inge is another outstanding Manager and person.

Go you Gurls.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I could be wrong, but someone told me a couple years back that Pat Campbell was running the Grand Targhee SS.

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Good on'ya OZ! I try to keep in touch by teaching....but, usually locals groups etc. Between skiing for myself, and providing clinic time, it is a hard squeeze! Gotta be out of the office.... I do try not to give the impression of stealing biz from the line....so I do some pro bono stuff...then I get the "why don't you clinic us for your teaching jonesing"? Can't win! Wish I had a dime for every request hour I have turned down in the past 15 years!
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That's great for Maggie, but, I am THRILLED that Ingie Franberg has been given the role of leading the Lionshead pod. She is one of the nicest people in the sport.

Oz wrote:
DA will also be much missed when he heads off for the Tahoe region
I am assuming DA is Dave Alonzo. I hadn't heard that he's leaving. Wow, what a great guy. Vail will surely miss him.


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I teach all the time.

Also, as for women, of the four areas in our system, two schools including the largest one have been run by women. One of them, Dina Bozza, is changing to ass't manager so she can have more time with her new baby. The other one, Katie Fry, also runs all of our training, and is in charge of keeping me in line. The person in charge of all or our preschools is also a woman, Sue Way. Therefore, half of our managers at our areas are women.

We're not stupid.

Also, yeah, Maggie will be brilliant for Snowbird, and vice verse.

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Yes, Dave Alonzo has been appointed Ski School Manager at Northstar, for Booth Creek Holdings.

We will miss him here in Vail- he was one of my best friends, a great boss, and a fun golfing buddy!
Now the fish in the Truckee River really have something to fear!

We wish him all the best in his new position! And it gives me another reason to go home once in a while!!!

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Bertie Holland has been running the ski school at Pats Peak in New Hampshire for more than fifteen years. The mountain has only about 750 vertical but the ski school has over 10,000 students a week in its after school program.
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I see Maggie is giving a lecture here in Utah next month and I may attend. Three hours clinic credit. 

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Nice thread resurrection - just short of 14 years.

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New record? Tyler must know.
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@Tyler, is this the all-time record for thread resurrection?

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Originally Posted by jimidee33 View Post

I see Maggie is giving a lecture here in Utah next month and I may attend. Three hours clinic credit. 

Definitely let us know how this lecture goes!

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