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This is the coolest thing I will not buy this year.

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$499 by the way.

Group buy?

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Okay, that is cool, but yeah, a bit pricy, eh?

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Eh... I think it would be interesting to play around with that for an afternoon. But over all skiing is alot cooler than playing with gadgets. Also the controls do not look like they are the easiest things in the world to operate with gloves on.

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What I like is display location. Just where you want to look when you're running at 60 mph, and of course tiny digital readouts are optimal for quick recognition. Suggest a group buy in name of members we don't like. 

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the display screen does seem to be blocking vision. cycling went way into this kind of thing on the bars, and then people reacted and said they enjoyed a clean clear cockpit, same deal skiing, clear vision of the mountain is what you want, skiing is not the data.

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I'll wait until the price comes down on the implant.

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how much are replacement lenses......   do they fog? 

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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

  do they fog? 

Who cares?  They're GPS.

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ILS?   Now that's cool......

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I think I will wait for the "smart" version of the goggle. The ones that detect when you are in the back seat, need a tune and are just freaking dreaming to think that the hottie next to you on the lift has any interest in you. I can see the led message on the lens - "Ya, right."

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^^^^^ Female friend informs me basic sunglass version of this last function is needed for beach.
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Great.  As if people watching their electronics on the road wasn't bad enough...  Now we get to have dumbasses on the hill checking their speed while they flail, seeing which direction it is to the waffle house as they screech to a halt in front of you, or who knows what else will happen once this trickles down to the general idiotic public. 


I'm all for new technology, but jeebus- people seem to be distracted enough with their iPods, etc...  If everyone had a heads up display I think they'd be far more apt to pay attention to that than what they're doing, just because of the "stupid human factor" of having something like that.  Visual distractions can be deadly when skiing, especially trees, etc. 


The goggles are pretty, but I'd rather just have them as goggles.  I like gadgets but that seems like it's a waste of money, and the same thing as a regular GPS tracker, 'cept you have to wear it on your face, where you can't see the buttons for shyte. 

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- not me



I like them with the black out tint and blue buttons even better.  It's a little more stealthy that way.  I might make gaper stickers just to put on the back of a skier wearing these.

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I used to ski/ride listening to music and whatnot, now I just want to be more connected to the mountains. This is just another distraction from that. I'm sure you'll see it on the face of someone with too much money, on vacation, with no ability.


I won't even start with the potential safety repercussions of some idiot paying more attention  to the numbers than the people around him.


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