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I need some help choosing some new gear for winter 2011!

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Hi everyone, first post here. :) I am a very keen skier and I am doing m first winter season this year in Andorra. I'd say I'm a pretty advanced skier. I've been skiing for about 12 years and I can ride any pisted runs and a lot of backcountry, powder and off piste stuff too. I'm looking to buy my first skis and boots soon, but I'm lost as to what are good quality boots and skis. I will have a budget of about $1,000 which I hope should be plenty. I'm looking for some good all round skis, but I have a preference to free ride and I'm also looking to get in to park riding, so some twin tips may be an option.


Boots wise, I'm lost. I'm just looking for any good boot that will fit my style. (Off piste, free riding) I like the look of Salomon boots and skis, but are they the best brand? No idea...


I'm also looking for some really good gloves and goggles too. No preference on brand. Although I've used Oakley in the past and thought they were decent. I'd like some polarised goggles, so I can use them in all conditions.



Any help at all would be awesome! Thanks guys.




Fin. :)

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Your priority here should be:

1. Boots

2. Boots

3. Boots


Forget about the brand name BS. Get the boots that fit well regardless of brand and then get a good bootfitter to finish your fit.  Spare no expense on this.  If you come in under your limit, then buy some used skis and save your pennies to buy super-duper sticks later.  Otherwise rent this year and buy next year or use your old skis if you have them.  You'll be a happy camper this way.


Now, search this board and check out other postings.  You'll see that this advice is not unique.

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Ok, thanks very much for the advice. How much do you think a good pair of boots will be costing me more or less? Also, should I see an independent boot fitter, or will the store be good enough. There's a good ski store called "SnowandRock" near me and that's about it. So I guess that's my only option...


I'm a real novice when it comes to gear, so I really appreciate your help. 

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I think most people will agree with Posaune regarding the priority of boots. Many will also recommend that you check out the ski reviews and other bits of good advice at Real Skiers, access to which costs $20 USD. (http://www.realskiers.com/) I think the site is worth the money.


As for goggles many people seem to favor Smith I/O goggles. For a video review check out (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DT_Z2NPSpBo)


Depending on what proportion of your skiing will be backcountry/freeride you might want to consider boots designed primarily for that purpose. Several of them have interchangeable soles which allow you to use the boots with alpine bindings as well as touring bindings. The most prominent manufacturers of these include Scarpa (e.g. the Mobe), Garmont (e.g. the Radium), Black Diamond (e.g. the Factor) and Dynafit (e.g. the Titan). See Wildsnow.com for reviews. (http://www.wildsnow.com/category/boot-reviews/)


It might be tough to outfit yourself with skis, bindings, boots, etc., for $1000 though there are some excellent deals at this time of year. (http://www.levelninesports.com/)


Good luck and welcome to the funhouse.

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Well, I'm looking at $1,000 minimum. I'm hoping to have up to 1,500-1,750 available. Thanks for the post though. Looks like I need to start boot hunting. :)

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People might be able to help you out in finding a good bootfitter if you were to let us know where you live.

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