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2011 Volkl Bridge

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So I am looking for a new ski for this year and I wanted to get everyones input on the new 2011 Volkl Bridge. I am 5'10" and 165 lbs. I am a pretty aggressive skier and live in the East Coast. I do ski everywhere but what I am looking for is a great ski for the trees/woods/glades. I know that the new Bridge is softer on the tip and tail but harder underfoot, ELP rocker with slight camber underfoot, and 95 mm waist. I am looking at the 179 length. I am wondering what everyone else thinks about these new skis.
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I'm guessing not a lot of people have had a chance to ski this years yet?  I demoed last years early season and loved them.  The only gripe I had was the graphics.  I just can't get into Volkl graphics.  Any of them.  Guess all that doesn't mean squat concerning this years but

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Originally Posted by Joeysad2 View Post

So I am looking for a new ski..........for the trees/woods/glades. ......

Hmmmm......I just had someone in the know recommend the Bridge over the Mantra for EC trees, steeps, & bumps. 


FYI - He owns a pair of Mantras.

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I demoed the 2011 bridge a month or two ago. Never skied the any of the older ones.


I wasn't a big fan. It's designed as a mix between and park ski and an all mountain ski, and thats exactly how it felt. I felt like they compromised all mtn performance too much in the place of park performance. Felt shockingly like an unstable park ski in some places. Maybe I should have tried the 186, or maybe i'm just too used to skiing a quiver rather than a OSQ.


For trees and woods they were probably still be better than the mantra as the rocker makes them easy to slarve and pivot in tight spots, but that would be the only place they outperform the mantra in my mind.


A similar, but better ski IMO than the bridge is the Line Blend.

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I agree that the graphics look like they were made by a five year old with some crayons but I don't really care about how they look just how they perform. I took a look at the Line Blend and 100 underfoot seems like a bit much for the East coast, 95 is even pushing it, but are they softer than the Bridge? 


I agree that the Montra is not what I'm looking for. I know its a great ski but it is too stiff for my liking. I prefer a ski with a lot more give that wont fling me around in a tight spot.


Has anyone else actually used the new Bridge? Also, Feildsofglory, where did you ski the Bridge? (backcountry, glades, on-piste, powder?) 


Thanks for the input.

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I skied it at Treble Cone (NZ). Mainly on harder snow since the start of the season sucked here. Lots of glades and open areas ect.

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i have skied this ski briefly on a slush day at stowe. 


for your use you will be happy its quick and nimble and doesnt get stopped by heavy snow. its a cross between "the ones" and the my katanas. if you spend your time in the woods you wont notice how unstable it gets. In fact I go so far to say it amoung the best woods skis out this year. 

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The 2010-11 Bridge was the highest scoring ski in Freeskier's ski test.


Let me re-state that sentence - it was the highest scoring ski out of every ski they tested.  Period.



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Thanks for all the input guys. I think I will go with the Volkl Bridge. The ski looks great and is soft enough for what I want to do with them. I checked out the Freeskier's review and they loved them. I hope I love them just as much! Now onto what bindings to put on them, any suggestions????

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I current have a 2 ski-quiver...07-08 bridge, and 08-09 chopsticks.  I'm definitely replacing my bridges with this years and I'm really stoked about the rocker and extra width.  My only question is the size.  I currently ski my bridges in a 185. I'm 6-1, 195. I could probably go with the 187, but the 179 might be better for bumps and trees.  No question Jesters are the binding of choice for these skis.

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nice blog on the volkl bridge at

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Yo I got the 2011 Volkl Bridges in size 179 the other day.  I'm 5'9 and 170 so pretty much the exact same situation.  Wick pumped to be skiing em this Saturday.  


I mounted a pair of Marker Griffons on them and they be looking tight !


I think the graphics are wicked sick so let them hatesr hateeee !

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