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new skier

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Hello everyone,


This year I have decided that i have waited far too long enough to start skiing... so I am in the market. I was looking for some reccomendations for some cheaper twin tip skis, bindings, and boots that will not be complete crap. I plan on probably going in the park. So something relatively cheap that would work in the park as well as powder/mountain skiing. I'm going to be attending the Toronto ski show and was planning on picking up something used there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks everyone

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Spend your money on good, well fitting boots and rent the skis.  Boots are the central, most important piece of equipment you can have.  After you've developed some skill and tried out some different skis you can better figure out which ones will be best for you.  Right now you can only guess, and not even very well at that since you have not yet skied.


Get your boots with the help of a good bootfitter.  It will cost more, but it's worth every penny.


Now, use the search function and see how many times you can find the above advice on this board.  I predict it will seem like an endless list.

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