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NJ ski barn tent sale

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Has anyone been over to the ski barn tent sale in lawrenceville this week? Is it worth checking out? I know it runs til sunday. I have never been to one, do they have some good deals?

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it's okay this year... the binding selection is quite limited, the ski selection is pretty good, and the boot selection is fairly large as well...


i used to be a boot fitter there, and i was just there yesterday to get some skis mounted up... worth stopping by anyway ;)

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Hey Lawrenceville, NJ epicskiers - just thought I'd say hi.  I used to live in Hamilton (about 30 years ago) - moved out west - skiings better !!!

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If i wait til sunday will it be to late?

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I haven't been to this specific sale, but based on my past experience, yes it's too late.  If you wait until the last day of pretty much any tent sale, expo, whatever... it's too late.  All that's left on the last day is stuff that no one else wanted.  Sometimes if you wait until 15 minutes after they open on the first day, it's already too late.  Doesn't mean you can't get lucky, but odds are against it.

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Does anyone know when the sale is for 2011?

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