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Free face protectors, shin guards, arm guards !

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I have about 50-75 of these face guards , shin guards and fore-arm guards to give to young racers!


I am not a store owner. I have a friend who imports ski products. These have been around his warehouse for 2 years. He wants me to give them to a ski racing club or young racers! All new still in wrappers!


Pay shipping ( from Stowe, Vermont)  and you can have them!


Just send message!




(Yes I discovered some Vist plates,,,,hidden in the warehouse so now I will have several skis with Vist plates)

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I know a ski team that may be interested.  I will check.  Do you want to get rid of them all in one shot, cause I could use 1 set for myself.



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It would be a pleasure to send you a set of; face guard, shin guards and forearm guard!

Give me your address via message!

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hey.I have a 14 year old racer who's outgrown everything over the summer. would be happy to receive the guards you are offering. if OK, mail to :White, 640 Broadway, #2E NY, NY 10012.


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Mr. hey,


Just a small note relating to internet "security". Never post your postal address on open source site such as this!

Use my message box please.

I will respond there!


As for all others who request units,,I have all of them and will be sending to you in the coming weeks. I will send you all confirmation that they have been sent!


Of course Utah skiers get more units since they coach young skiers!


Of course New Hampshire skiers get theirs first since they responded first,,sorry I promised to drive them to you,,but you are just a little south of my meeting at Sunday River!

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Do you still have theses.  What size are they?  will they fit older teens  as well?  We are in Canada.

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Hello from Canada,


I have 2 daughters racing alpine. Oldest is 13 a K2 racer and my youngest is 10 a K1 racer. Both are outfitted in Salomon gear and skis head to toe! They are wearing Salomon Equipe race helmets. I would love to get them each a set of what you have. Let me know please, they would be absolutely thrilled!!!


Thanks so much,


519 630 8936

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I race at midlothian ski centre in Scotland with the LSRA (Search online for more info) and would love to recieve these items. My adress is Midmar, Erskine Road, Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland.

Thanks very Much Matt.

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Hi this is my first post and I will post my address and phone number here while typing in all caps....


But seriously I'd love to get a pair.  I've got a small freshman that just started racing with us this season and doesn't have/can't afford much gear who would really appreciate some if you have any left.

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I sure could use a full set of armour and guards. My son is an aspiring J4 and would mean alot.


Not quite sure how to contact you?


Please let me know.







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hi im a racer and im i need of some arm gaurdsbiggrin.gif

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Could use a set of protection for a 17 y/o son. Please message me  if you have any gear left.



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I know this thread is old -- do you still have the gear? If so, i'd be grateful for some equipment. I can ask my son's race teammates if they are interested, as well.

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I think the OP's intentions were good, but something must have happened as I never received anything.

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