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A Great Quiz

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I had the pleasure of skiing with Bob B today. He asked me a question and I failed his quiz.

Think of the top of your boot cuff as the dial on a clock. The front of the boot is twelve oclock, the right side three oclock, the back six and the left side of either cuff is nine oclock.

Now, you are headed straight down any run and you initiate a turn to the left. Where on your LEFT BOOT CUFF do you feel most contact/pressure between the cuff and your leg? Pick a time on the clock dial that we have assigned to the boot cuff. It can be any number from 1-12 corresponding to a watch dial.

Think carefully!
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Ten and Two. Ten for left turns and two for right turns. For a left turn, I feel contact-pressure against 10 on the left boot and firm-pressure against 10 on the right boot.

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OK there is one answer. I'll either get Bob B to respond when we have a few more or I'll P.M. the answer Bob gave me individually for a day or so.
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Gee, I don't know but I think that the pressure on my left cuff on a left turn would be at one or two o'clock since I'm trying to push the tip of that ski in the left direction.

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Gulp! : I think I'll wait this one out for just a bit, Rusty! You KNOW how much backlash there can be when we shed doubt on the sacred cows of "conventional wisdom"!

Great skiing with you today!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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A good time was had by all! I'm going to hit the sack. You wore me out!!!
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Hmm. As I think about my skiing, I would try to initiate my turn pressing in at 10:00 but the ski will try to flex and build up pressure underski as I steer the ski. the mechanics tell me I would feel the most pressure at 12:00 or maybe 11-11:30. If all the pressure stayed at 10:00 then I suspect I would fall over.

Just a thought.
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Going against the grain...
If I were turning left, I wouldn't be pressuring my inside (left) boot cuff as much. Since I roll my ski over on the little toe on that foot, wouldn't the pressure be at 4 or 5 o'clock? Of course, if I'm way off, I can blame it on the fact that Alaska isn't in the same time zone as the rest of you.
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You have a similar problem to me, but mine is compounded by my new boots being digital, so no dial to look at, and my old boots had Mickey Mouse on them, so I guess, when I'm turning left Mickey says it's 2, when I'm turning right, he says 10, and when I fall over, Pluto laughs

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The position changes with respect to turn size and intensity. Longer radius turns offer more pressure towards twelve O'clock, say between 11 and 1. Short radius quick turns on steeps can be between 9-10 and 2-3. When trying to illicit a response from another ski instructor, just for fun, pressure is between 4 and 8.
Its easy to explore the effect of pressuring different areas of the boot tongue from a side slip. The further away from 12:00 that you pressure to intitate a turn, the shorter the radius from a side slip.
I am off to ski with Ott today.

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Just at initiation and during the "shaping" phase of the turn.

Just the left boot cuff.

Only for a left turn!
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I don't know that it's a sacred cow, Bob. It is more of an unexamined assumption.

A very good riddle, however. It got me!
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My off snow intuition tells me:
At initiation of left turn, I'll feel 2-3 (yup 2-3) on my left boot as I start rolling that foot toward little toe inside that boot. During shaping that will vary depenging on how much weight is on the left foot. Unweighted, still 2-3. Weighted, maybe balanced out to 12 if I keep foot rolling engaged as I also keep it pulled back, 10-11 if not.

I'll explore on snow tonight and report back.
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Interesting, my first inclination was correct but I guess I "over analyzed" the movement/feeling. Thanks Rusty guy.

Great quiz.
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I'm one of those people that write comments to the "test-maker" in the margins of the tests.

Quiz is "Now, you are headed straight down any run and you initiate a turn to the left. Where on your LEFT BOOT CUFF do you feel most contact/pressure between the cuff and your leg?"

If the initaition of the turn is uniform, the big toe, ankle and calf move as one unit, so there is UNIFORM pressure around the complete cuff.

If there is a lag in the movement from big toe to ankle, pressure will be felt around 4-5 o'clock until the calf "catches up".

If there is improper boot fit, well, enough already.

Oh, one more...If the person is a racer vs recreational skier,...

And then there is the type of turn. If the person is in a wedge and needs to release the edge first to steer the ski...

I hope this isn't one of those trick questions for Level 3!!!
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Ha, ha so many answers, it is funny. But here is what I feel:

Left turn: I tip the left foot (inside foot) and the pressure is at 3:00 PM. Why? Because the first thing I do is flex my ankle laterally. For the right foot (outside foot) there is much less lateral ankle flex so the pressure is around 10:00-11:30AM.

Right turn: mirror image of left turn.
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If you flunk this, will someone call you an intermediate skier?
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No, only if you keep flunking it the same way, with no variation on how you flunk it.
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...well, from my re-discovery of the inside ski on the (smooth steeps...(mucho thanks guys..)...I'll ditto a part of Ott's entry...and say 1:00-1:30pm...

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..that having been said, I've yet to make it to the bottom of the hill without some white stuff on the parka

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The sad part is that we are "solving" the quiz while Bob and Rusty are making turns. I think we lost already!
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2:30 but lower than at the top of the cuff is the MOST pressure on the left boot... but pressure at the top is at 10:30?

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How many Life lines do we get?
Is there a prize?
I think there was a discussion about this before.
I'm going to say between 4 and 5.
How long does the contest last?
Is this one of those guided mystery questions?
Why is the sky blue?
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Wait! I forgot to put the AM or PM after my answer! I may be 12 hours off and not even realize it! That could get painful...
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In the midwest we are not on daylight savings time this time of year, but we do ski at night. Does that explain my having no interest in sunlight and being in the dark? Tomorrow I have to choose between walking to work or carrying my lunch.

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It will be at 3. When you tip the ski to its outside edge the right (medial) side of the cuff will tilt in, contacting the leg.
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I'm thinking around 10:52:31 and counting
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I took a half day off today and ran errands.

You guys are truely entertaining.


Thanks for playing my silly little game. As I said I flunked. Tip the left knee.......nine or ten o'clock and as we all know that isn't correct. Tip the foot below the ankle onto the left little toe and you feel the cuff in the three oclock position. Try it and you will be amazed at what it does to release/initiate.

Bob has a long list of "myths" that he can eliminate. It is pretty amazing
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I won! I won!

Unfortunately I still don't ski like Bob Barnes (and never will : ).
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Got skunked, didn't read the quiz question very well so I answered with standard response. :
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