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Ski critique?

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How about a thread where some of the experienced instructor's and fitness guru's critique the style of any member brave enough to submit photo's of them skiing?

Ground rules are as yet undecided!

As soon as we get snow and a couple of days to remember which end of the ski pole to plant, I will volunteer as the first "subject".

If there is any interest, someone suggest camera angles that are most appropriate---above or below or along side.

What do you all think?
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It has been done in the past. Just need snow to make it happen this year.
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Yes, we have done this in the past--check out "Level 9 Skiing Technique Analysis" from about a year ago--all 4 pages!

It's a great exercise for all involved, but as the "Harpo" thread above shows, it's not for the timid! If anyone would like to post some photos or video, though, it's a great opportunity. If you need help putting the photos into a sequence, drop me a Private Message....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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