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Boot Fitting for Alpine Racers

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good video. it was fun to watch. Would be interesting to see when boots are too soft.

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This is pretty basic info and applicable for pretty much any advanced skier looking for basic parameters in choosing a boot.  Not much was mentioned regarding alignment but I would place as much emphasis on getting the angles right as I would on a good fit!  Spend the time to get it as close to perfect as possible and reap the rewards!

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I just bought new boots for my 9 Yr Old, who may be a J6 or do one more yr of development.  The shop discussed boots and noted that boots that are designed for adults and made in a smaller version for small women or kids and that the flex for these will be designed for the larger sizes within the boot's range and that smaller sizes may fit the skiier, but that the flex will be inconsistent with their weight and size, and the boot will likely be too stiff.   

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I believe the following to be true based on observations and the crazy thoughts that run around in my  head -


If you were to chart the actual (not listed) flex of boots against the size of the demographic for those boots, you would see that kids are in stiffer boots than adults.  Not "absolute" stiffer but proportionally stiffer.  My daughter (4'8" / 70#) flex boot range (whats available on the market) is 50 - 80.  Me (5'7" 175#) flex boot range is 60-150.  If you make it racing specific my range would be 100-150.  Still the ratio size to flex would be in my favor and not my daughters; or any other kid's.


Compare to binding settings which are proportionate to size and once over ten not age, and it's even more noticeable.  You can argue that bindings are size dependent and flex is influenced by technique more than bindings, but if you take similar skill sets from a jr racer to an adult recreational racer, I think you'll still see kids are in stiffer boots; proportionally.



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Originally Posted by shoal007 View Post

good video. it was fun to watch. Would be interesting to see when boots are too soft.

That would be interesting.  It's pretty easy to tell the boot isn't too stiff if you can crush both of them, but how does one tell if it's too soft?  My experience through the years, not counting the leather lace-ups, includes way too soft boots and too stiff boots (bought on the rebound from the too soft boots).  I have found find that being able to crush one of them in the warm works out pretty well for flexing both of them at speed in a turn out in the cold.  Anybody else have a way to avoid too-soft boots?

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Originally Posted by Robin Sadler View Post

Here is a great video for parents:

 Wow! From the USSA,  this crap about finger fit.


How big, or small, is your finger?








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