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Steamboat travel help please

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In the midst of putting together a trip for February, we plan on flying into Hayden then staying at the Sheraton. We need to rent skis and would like to rent from one of the cheaper in town places rather than on the mountain, where it is 2x the price. How do people usually do this without a rental car? Are there any February weekends that people recommend avoiding because of crowds? Are there many restaurants/bars in walking distance from the Sheraton or will we want to head more into town? Thanks!

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Sheraton has it's own shuttle service so you can take that into town to pick up rentals, or take the free city bus that stops right outside the Sheraton.  Getting around is easy without a car.  There are a bunch of restaurants close to the Sheraton... Diva, Saketumi, Slopeside, Truffle Pig, Gondola Pub, La Montana, Tugboat, Bear River, Sheraton's restaurant, and all the restaurants at the Grand... all range from low/moderate priced bar food to pricey fancy stuff.  So feasibly no you don't need to leave the mtn village to eat, but I would recommend going to downtown restaurants at least once or twice, downtown is what gives our town its character and there are lots of good restaurants to chose from.  Also if you're looking for breakfast, the mountain doesn't offer much in the way of sit-down breakfast (just GPG and maybe the Sheraton restaurants) everything is mostly grab-n-go on the mtn, but downtown has lots of options for breakfast.  Also I would try to avoid President's weekend... it's about just as busy as Christmas.  Other than that Feb isn't too busy.

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When are you going?  I'm headed there with thee girlfriend Feb. 6th to 11th.  Steamboats website had info on it about the free shuttles or hotel shuttles to get around town.  I'm doing it car-less as well.

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Oh and I think there was a Taxi service or pay for shuttle to get from Hayden to Steamboat.

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Thanks for the responses, not sure on the dates yet, just that we are going to avoid Presidents day. Is there usually a big difference in snow totals between early and late February? The shuttles sound like it may work and I will check them out more. I am worried about wasting hours on a shuttle picking up/dropping off gear on the other side of town.

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Is there usually a big difference in snow totals between early and late February?

No, but there's a difference in how high the sun is, and with predominant SW exposure that matters a lot at Steamboat.  Go for January or early February.

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I'll put my plug in to rent your equip at Steamboat Ski & Bike Care. Great service!

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alpine taxi 970-879-2800


they run shuttles to and from for about $50 pp R/T

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