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Ski Technique and Biomechanics course at CU-Boulder in October by Ron LeMaster

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I found out about it this morning from WP SRS.  I'm now registered.  I don't know how much PSIA or USSA education credit we can earn but I sent an email to Carolyn in Steamboat today.    The course number is NCLS 1100.  http://conted.colorado.edu/programs/enrichment/courses/date/20101005/2763/personal-enrichment/?department_id=


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Here's the form to download to get education credit for PSIA - Rocky Mountain Division.


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It was a packed class last week.  Back for more tonight.  About 50% of the class were of the instructor variety.  A few very impressive individuals came to the class. I learned more about the history of ski design and technology than I ever knew.

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Another packed class Tuesday night.  I had a real ah-haaaaa moment at one point.  I shared it at the end of the class with Ron.  He had an ah-hah moment too.  There's a reason why skiers tend to have locked ankles when in snowboard boots.  They can't bend them in ski boots.  Saw some crazy old Olympic footage of Jimmy Huega racing and being able to bend ankles in old-style ski boots.


Interesting asides too.  I met the new Winter Park training coordinator.  He introduced himself to Ron and the WP instructors in the class were like ?????  So we introduced ourselves to him.  He also told us that Bob Barnes was in the hospital and had been for awhile due to an accident. Another instructor and I drove to the hospital (a half mile from my house ) and saw him after class.  Bob may get out tomorrow but still can't travel above 8000ft due to the punctured lung for awhile. He was in alot of pain.

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You know what would be really great? If a class like this were offered using something like WebEx or GoToMeeting so that anyone, anywhere (timezones notwithstanding) with a computer and internet access could tune in. PPT slides, audio, video, audience Q&A - the whole thing could be delivered live and simultaneously archived for subsequent on demand access. A whole library of content could be built up that way over time and made available to interested parties worldwide!


Hell, how about an ongoing series of Epic-sponsored classes with different master ski instructors (pay to "attend") as well as free webinars perhaps co-hosted by equipment manufacturers and preferred resellers like StartHaus introducing new products and discussing hot trends/topics.


Just a thought.

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What a drag...I'd have gone had I known about it...


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I'll float it by Ron.  He said CU wasn't going to let him teach the course through them next fall. He did want to teach it again. Instructors are coming from Vail, Beaver Creek, Winter Park, and probably a few other places to take the class.


We will be covering boot fit during the last class. We have to bring our ski boots and he's going to diagnose us.  He is also bringing copies of his latest book and selling them for $20 (below cost) at each class.  Everyone is getting him to autograph it too.  I mean everyone..... Xmas presents are being purchased. He sold a case of books on Tuesday. I admit I even bought one.

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I was informed by Ron that he is offering this course again.  In addition, he's offering a Ski Technique and Biomechanics II  follow-on course.


This is the email from Ron.



Announcing Ski Technique and Biomechanics Courses for Fall 2011
I hope you had a great ski season last winter, and are looking forward to another great one coming up.
Many of you who took the Ski Technique and Biomechanics course I taught last fall at the Univeristy of Colorado suggested in your evaluation forms that I expand the course. So this fall I will be teaching, in addition to the course you took, a follow-on course that picks up where the first one left off. If you enjoyed the course last fall, you might also enjoy the new one. The detailed information is below. CU has discontinued its Continuing Education program for classes such as this, so this year I'm teaching it through the Boulder Valley School District's Lifelong Learning program.
Ski Technique and Biomechanics I is, essentially, the course you participated in last fall, minus the session on boot setup. Ski Technique and Biomechanics II is the follow-on course, with all new material. You can get to the Boulder Valley School District's page for the courses by clicking here, or anywhere on the announcement below, and searching on the keyword "skiing".
Best regards, Ron LeMaster
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Any chance there will be a course in 2013?

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