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Bernie the Jedi skier

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Jedi Ski Quote (newsletter #4)- Yoda says:
(uh oh SCSA)
The point I want to make today is that skiing is not about movements, it is about Energy Acceptance. If you design your skiing pattern by focusing on collecting and harnessing the energy of gravity into your body, you will be intensely within the experience of skiing and will understand the ethos of this sport. Needless to say, your performance will become outstanding. This is the world of the struggle free skier.
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Roto, you're not goin to start chanting, are you?

I agree with that statement. The "struggle free skier" has transcended athleticism and internalized his/her focus so that efficiency becomes king. External forces like gravity simply become the tool that the skier uses and joins. By joining gravity and not defying it, we stop rapid fire madness and begin actually enjoying things like that feeling that makes you laugh out loud... even though you're the only person on the hill. Every once in a while I just have one of those runs, but as far as having one EVERY time I have a long way to go!

I like the newsletter's reference to doing "the right nothing". Makes sense if we are attempting to maintain efficiency in our skiing. This will sound a bit Yoda-ish, but to conserve energy (sprinters call this energy "wind")we have to do nothing... while at the same time remaining active enough to maintain balance over the skis. By leveraging forward and trying to "Squirt" the skis into initiation, are we doing "the right nothing"? I don't think so. That takes effort!! I will say, however, that sometimes I like to go to the Dark Side and put a little shwatz into my turns. Does that make me an evil, helmeted, dark crusader of destruction? I like to think it does.

Spag's quote of the day:
"And the final insult comes in the third installment - Jedi - when they peel away Vader's beautiful blackness to reveal a decrepit, crusty ol' white man!! Like they tryin' to tell us that we'all just wanna be white!!"
- Comic Writer in "Chasing Amy" -

ps. Here's a fun game to play with Episode IV of the Star Wars Saga... Every time Luke Skywalker whines like a little girl, especially while he's still on Tattooine, take a drink of beer. When the movie's over try to walk, or complete a sentence!
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Ah, grasshopper, having snatched the pebble from my hand, you are ready to go kick the white man's butt.
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At what point do we have to pick up the hot cauldron and burn dragons into our for-arms. Sign me up!

Good eye, Ryan!!!
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reminds me of the best compliment I ever heard.
"I want to ski like him, he's like water flowing downhill."

spag, whats a nubian?
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"What's a Nubian"? B**** you almost made me laugh. (Nice to see some people watch as much crap as I do)
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