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Places to stay near Jay Peak?

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My girlfriend and I are going to Jay Peak for the first time this Christmas break. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for lodging and dinning? Keep in mind we are not loaded and don't need anything fancy, but don't want a dump either (am I picky?). Any suggestions would help.

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Girlfriend and I skied last year about 40 days at Jay.  We stayed at the Tram (nice, but over priced).  I would recommend looking at the Jay Village Inn, it always looked cool and has good food.  Also, you should try the Belfry.....kick butt food.  If you are looking for something more hostel like, place called Grampas.....(not sure I have the name totally correct) in Montgomery.

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Awesome! I will definetly look in to it.
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Tramhaus is nice but at that time will be very pricey.  The Snowline Lodge is closest to access road and is just an OK motel but serves a very nice breakfast included in the price.  The Belfry IMO sucks and sucks a lot more during crowded holiday weeks.  If you go, go early before the rush or you will be waiting forever and enjoy bad service and not so great food.


For the best dining in the region go here. http://www.lagotrattoria.com/


It's about a 20-25 minute drive from Jay and the food and atmosphere are both great.  I had the best roast duck I've ever tried there and it was very reasonably priced as well.



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