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One Piece Ski Suits

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Anyone have any thoughts on the one piece snow suits out there?  Been looking at The North Face Haines Tuxedo Snow Suit and the North Face Squizzle Suit.  Read some reviews on both wondering why the dramatic price difference between the two.  Also have read they are hard to size correctly, I'm 6'2" 215 LBS with a 38" waist.  Any feed back would be appreciated.  Thanks

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I was gonna say that one piece snow suits are so old school, and I haven't worn one since the early 90's.  Then, I looked at the North Face designs.  Pretty sweet, looks like normal 2 piece ski gear.


One piece suits are way warmer (no heat escaping between jacket and pants), and you don't have to worry about snow going up your jacket.  You need to try them on before buying them.  I had 2 friends try mine on (both same height as me give or take an inch).  One had no problems, the other one couldn't even get into them because his upper body was too long (and his legs were too short).  Huge wedgie action if your body's too long or your belly's too big.  Conversely, you'll be sagging if you size it too large.



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One is  three-layer Gore-Tex  the other is two layer HyVent.    That's your price difference right there.

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I used to love skiing in my 1 piece suit.  They are comfortable, warm, lots of pockets.  Just started getting too many wierd looks to keep wearing it.  These, however, look pretty good.

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Retro jokes aside, I think if you were going to go modern 1-piece, for skiing, you'd want to go soft shell or hybrid just for breathability. 1-piece REALLY holds the heat.

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Back when I had more money I loved them and hated when they went out of style.  However, functionally if one part is kaput for some reason, you've lost the whole shebang.  If money doesn't count, and all else is equal, the snow stays out and the warmth stays in better, but for women it's a bigger issue going to the bathroom.  I did have one outfit that looked like a two piece and separated into two pieces easily to achieve easy lodge activities, but it bit the dust due to fabric wear-through (too rough ski bag, apparently, sanded my hip to where the insulation was showing).  Now I'm broke and appreciate the impact of PARTS of things impacting the WHOLE thing.

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I agree that a one-piece ski suit is the warmest thing you can get!  I wore them for years - before people thought they were "old school."  There is one down side to them, however.  If you don't want your expensive ski suit mopping up the floor in the bathroom stall, it's a little difficult to pull them down where you want them when sitting on the potty (Not a problem for men in some situations).  When sitting down is a MUST, try this the suit down to your waist.  Now wiggle your shoulders out of the suit and hold the ends of BOTH sleeves in your left hand.  Continue to unzip the suit as far as needed and then sit down, still holding the sleeves in your left hand.  When finished, do the paper thing with your right hand, then pull everything up to your waist and reverse the procedure!

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You can't get snow in your pants, if you're not wearing any pants!     

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i have a one piece, warm as  toast, wife won't let me wear it except on retro day!!

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It's nice to be able to hop out of the car after a three and a half hour drive and step right in to a one piece befoe booting up in the morning. Then step out of it in to nice dry jeans for the drive home.  I've got one that isn't that wild looking and it is warm and dry,



I don't recall wearing it last season.  Might be in the agenda again this year.

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Crgildart in one piece action mode:



Yours truly pulling 1970's vintage one piece out of moth balls for an exceptionally cold day in 2003:



PS:  must say SkiFox's post was one of the most insightful from a feminine perspective I've read in this forum

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Actually, I've found most of the suits do incorporate some kind of methodology to attach the sleeves to the suit if you just take the time to look for it.  Then you don't have to do all those acrobatic moves. 

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11 Replies and 202 views and nobody is calling it a "Fart Bag".  Come on guys!


Actually, I would wear one in a minute.  Back in the day, I wore one on Gaper Day and I couldn't believe how warm and comfortable it was.  I was pretty hammered and the snow was crusty heavy wet pow and I spent a lot of time in the snow.  It served me well.


For a while there Marmot was making a really nice one for ice climbing and I saw a few on the mountain, but that was 5-6 years ago.  This past winter I saw a guy in a vintage SteepTech (by North Face) Fart Bag- in original black and yellow.  He thought I was razzing him with all the complements, but when all the shop guys came around and steezed him as well- He felt pretty good...!!!

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I haven't worn my one piece bogner outfit in years, hardly ever wore it for that matter. To me it's just to hard to get in & out of plus it's a pain when you go inside a warm lodge or driving a car. Good thing I bought it at the bogner warehouse outlet & didn't pay much for it.

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I wore my all black Bogner onesy last season on a nice cool sunny day when I knew we would be hanging outside on the decks. It was also a day I thought was supposed to be retro day, except that I messed up the date and it wasn't - so I was the only person in a onesy. It had been many years since I even wore a onesy and I had only saved that all black one figuring it wasn't gaper. To my surprise I received at least a dozen complements that day on how great the suit looked, and from people of all ages too. It was as warm and comfortable as I remembered, especially considering how lightweight it feels on. I will be wearing it again...

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I would say check out this site for modern day one piece suits.  In my opinion they are a good company if you factor in they make the best full face in whitewater.

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I sold my Coloir one piece on ebay about 4 years (Retro Look, perfect shape was the ad).  It had several bidders and sold for around $100.00, but there's times i wish I had it... Retro day... Cold Days... If I had the money I'd buy a new one piece in a flash. 


There's a reason snowmobile suits have always been one piece (brrrr).

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?  The one piece suits for women at least just seem to be sort of underlayers.

Originally Posted by Cphillips View Post


I would say check out this site for modern day one piece suits.  In my opinion they are a good company if you factor in they make the best full face in whitewater.

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Still got my TNF yellow and black on the top shelf. Maybe it's time to break it out. Can't beat the comfort or warmth. Wife still has one she wears on extra cold days.

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I've got a really bright neon Nevica one piece that I wear on Retro Day.  It's super warm, but going to the bathroom is a little tricky!  I come across one piece ski suits all of the time at the Salvation Army and other thrift stores.  You can usually pick them up for around $20. 

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All I needed was a t-shirt under my zoot suit on all but the coldest days & I was toasty. When I'd come in from a powder day, I'd be bone dry. Sorry to see them go out of style, but have been impressed with the new ones North Face that don't look like a one piece. When I can afford one again, maybe they will be back in style.

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Wow...people still wear 1-pc suits?  I would get laughed off the mountain if i wore that....good luck with it..

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They used to be pretty cool.  Here I am in our coaches uniform from Whistler, circa 1986 (maybe 87) if I recall.  It makes me grimace now, but the girls loved the pink (Descente called it rose) and gold one-piece.  It was a special order version of the national team uniform that year (the team got blue, we got pink).  I was always getting comments from the women on the mountain.


Faces have been blanked out to protect the guilty.



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I NEED to buy that suit. please email me if i can.

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Id rock, but wont pay the 1200 dollars for it.

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Wow...people still wear 1-pc suits?  I would get laughed off the mountain if i wore that....good luck with it..


It's nice to be old enough not to give a rat's @ss what anyone else one the hill thinks of my taste in clothing...

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Still wear my Descente one piece on coldest days. Don't care if anyone thinks it's out of style
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Originally Posted by Skiing-in-Jackson View Post

11 Replies and 202 views and nobody is calling it a "Fart Bag".  Come on guys!



I miss Bonni too !!!

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Hadn't been skiing in a decade until two days ago...just like riding a bike...after the click of the boots in the binders we were off IN OUR WARM AND TOASTY ONE PIECE SUITS...!


True to be older and wiser has it's advantages including our one piece suits. The amazing thing is they still fit after ten years. Hadn't been following the trend in ski fashion, but I predict the industry WILL bring the one piece back as it makes sense to stay warm dry and toasty so you can stay out on the slopes enjoying the adrenalin. In fashion in general what goes around comes back around so when all the one piece ski suits of yesteryear are sufficiently extinct the new round will be all over the slopes in "21st century colors and technology.


By the way for all those who didn't figure it out for themselves...take your arms out of the sleeves and shove the sleeves down the pant legs when you need to "sit" , the upper part of your one piece sort of rolls inward and down the back of the pants part and this way everything stays clean and dry and out of your way... essentially no different than when just pulling down your pants...and both hands are free to use...duh.....

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I love onesies!  Check it out!


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