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Washington D.C. Knee Dr.

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Does anyone know a knee dr. in the Washington, D.C. which would be good to visit? I am an avid skier and injured my knee wakeboarding in June; I am still dealing with pain and figure its time to get it looked at. The pain subsided until 4 weeks ago when, of all things, I re-injured my knee while walking on the beach.


Any references would be great. Thanks, David

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I went to this guy, and he's very good:  Christopher C. Annunziata, MD


He's a part of Commonwealth Orthopaedics.  Here's their website: http://www.c-o-r.com/phys_annunziata.asp


Good luck!

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Dr. Philip Bobrow is a leading orthopedist in the DC area. He has replaced both of my knees ( as well as both hips ) . When the CEO of Sibley Hospital in DC needed a knee replacement , he had Dr. Bobrow do it . I walk without a hint of a limp , ski 35-40 days a year , and am delighted with my replacements . If you would like , get in touch and I will give you his phone number and address .

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Thank you for the reference. Knee "popped" one day on a run and has been great ever since. Never ended up going to a Dr. but if you could PM me his contact information in the event that I would need it for future reference, thank would be great. Thanks again, David

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I live in Reston and just had my knee replaced after 3 opinions, love my surgeon Dr. Klein, Commonwealth Orthopedics.
Good luck
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