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Uphill forearm

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I've been playing with the attitude (angle) of my uphill forearm as it relates to the angle of the slope. I am, more or less, putting my forearm parallel to the angle of the fall line. I'm finding this little adjustment really does a good job of placing my upper body perpendicular to the angle of the slope. It is very helpful in the bumps and on steeper slopes with firm or manky conditions.

I think of lifting the elbow when I make this move.

Is there more I can be doing with this move? Is there something else I can focus on that will accomplish the same thing?
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Awareness of hand arm position is important to preclude them being inhibitors to what is going on elsewhere. I might suggest the focus on a forarm as a "cause" is pretty far removed from the source of action. If an arm is inhibiting, is it an effect of something else (balance?, stance?). A clearer efficient focus at snow level (feet) should induce a more efficient support reaction from everthing up the body as a cause/effect process.

Allow your whole body to react to the tipping of the feet in the same manner as the muscles of the legs. Inside lengthens, outside contract. Most importantly this assistance of the body should be recruited by, and intended to enhance, the intent of primarilly the inside foot to progressivly roll the skis onto more edge throughout the turn.

Keep it simple, drive from the feet, ALLOW and encourage the rest of the body to assist (kinetic chain). Trust the body genius. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I presume your forearm focus is at the point you're starting your turns. If that's accurate, an alternative focus that might be more appropriate would be flattening both skis on the surface of the slope. That puts you in good position to continue rolling the skis onto the new set of edges.
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Raising the uphill arm helps with developing angulation. A PSIA instructor showed me this move last year. HH has an exercise where you hold both poles across in both hands like a tray and raise the two poles on one side while raising your arches. These are only exercises, however.
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I'm using the forearm as a trigger to allow the skis to go flat and to allow the upper body to contract on the inside and extend on the outside. It's a small movement. I think what you're say is work more from the feet up and allow the arms to follow naturally.


Yes, it's the focus of the start. Hmmm, are you saying the same thing? Focus on the feet first?


I'm using the move as part of regular skiing and not as an exercise. You're probably going to tell me to play with my feet more too.

Any other suggestions?
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Yeah, PH, like Roger, I think your skiing movements should begin with the skis. If your upper body is relaxedly upright, your feet will put you in the proper positioning. I'd be afraid that if you start a turn by raising your forearm, you'll forget about flattening the skis.
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