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Question on boots after tib/fib fracture

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I'm a new member here, and this is my first post, so I hope this question isn't out of bounds.


I'm looking for suggestions on boots (skis too) now that I'm back after a bad tib/fib fracture that has altered the geometry of my stance on the broken leg.  Since the geometry of my stance is quite different between the unbroken leg and the surgically repaired broken leg, I probably also need a recommendation on a boot fitter.




  • I'm a middle aged man.  
  • In the past I skied 5 to 7 days/year, but I just retired & hope to ski just about every day this coming winter (mostly in Park City and surrounding areas).
  • I've been a blue & double blue skier, mostly on-piste, and want to improve. 
  • Three years ago I had a bad skiing accident & the binding on the rental ski did not release, and I broke my right leg in 4 places: two tibia fractures and two fibula fractures.  The leg broke a few inches above my ankle (just below the top of a ski boot) and a couple inches below my knee.  
  • I now have a titanium rod running through my tibia from end to end.  
  • This past winter I was able to ski about 10 days without significant leg pain; I have more strength conditioning to do to get back (including stamina) but I'm convinced I'll be able to ski quite a bit this year.


BUT... my right leg is different than it was before the break.  Whereas my unbroken left tibia curves a bit from my knee to my ankle (it bows: it curves a bit out then a bit in), my repaired right tibia is straight as the titanium rod that goes through the middle (when the surgeon drilled out the center of the tibia, the drill bit is of course arrow-straight, and that is how the bone has healed).


So when I stand or walk in ski boots, the left is flat on the floor.  The right boot is not flat.  So I've had the tip and heal pieces replaced with pieces that are significantly angled (canted?) to help correct this.


My existing boots are low end Surefoot boots (the shells are 80s).  


Now for this coming year where I expect to ski most of the winter, I can make a change.  


What should I consider?  Where in the Park City/Salt Lake area would be a good place for me to consider?


Should I use different boots for powder days versus other days?


If you've read this far, thanks in advance -- and thanks for any suggestions or thoughts you might have.


leg - before surgery.jpg


Leg - after surgery 2.jpg


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This post changes my response to your binding question. First, to address this issue. Folks here will help you out with a good bootfitter in your area. And yes, you really need to find a good fitter. No, you won't need different boots for powder, at least for a few seasons. But you probably have to have your soles shaved differently. Inserts may not do it (will defer to an expert on this, obviously). Suggest you repost this, including radiographs, on the boot fitters forum here.


Second, I'd strongly recommend springing for a pair of the new Look Turntables, (14 DIN), that have a really good mechanical advatnage relative to loads on your tibia during release. Strong second if you plan to hit the soft stuff would be Tyrolia/Head with the non-Pro heel that still has diagonal release. (Cheaper by far then the Looks.) Makes things a bit easier on your leg and knee during slow twisting falls. All modern bindings will do the job, but in my experience, these two will cause less wincing in the process. 

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