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Scott Dozer

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Anyone skied 'em?


I am looking for smethign 100 under foot wiht tip and tail rocker and probabbly 0 camber. They seem in the same cartegory as the one, S3, or slicer.

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havent but you may want to look at a few different that are in that similar sub 90, twin rocker catetgory:


here's a link to powder mag 90-99mm skis  http://blogs.powdermag.com/skis-90-99mm/


Bliz' one: http://blogs.powdermag.com/buyers-guide-2011/2011-blizzard-the-one-iq-max-skis/

Dynastar slicer http://blogs.powdermag.com/buyers-guide-2011/2011-dynastar-6th-sense-slicer-skis/  Pow award

sali sentinal  http://www.ski-review.com/ski_reviews/review/salomon_sentinel_2011/  Pow award

S3 http://blogs.powdermag.com/buyers-guide-2011/2011-rossignol-s3-freeride-skis/

ON3P Jeronimohttp://blogs.powdermag.com/buyers-guide-2011/2011-on3p-jeronimo-skis/


Kung Fujas


Line blend


scott dozer: http://blogs.powdermag.com/buyers-guide-2011/2011-scott-dozer-skis/  pow award

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Fin, that list is basicly where I am starting from.


I am looking to demo skis from that 95-100 rockered twin category this winter. See how they work out.




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almost 1100 retail on 'the one"


man I got mine so CHEAP!

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

almost 1100 retail on 'the one"


man I got mine so CHEAP!

Thats really high. I saw them for sale from blizzard for like $649 or something like that. http://www.blizzardsportusa.com/Products/Pipe&Park/TheOneIQMax.html

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