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question ski bags

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Hi, I've seen in the airports some ski bags that are wider and deeper at one end, for the boots I guess, all in the same bag (skis + boots). I think that's very helpfull when traveling abroad... But I was searching the web to find a bag like that with no luck. Have you seen them? what brands?


Thanks a lot

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I've flown a lot over the last 25 years (business and pleasure), and 99% of the time, my checked bags have arrived on the same flight as me, but I still would never check anything essential or not easily replaceable at destination, including (maybe particularly) my ski boots. They are carried on even if they have to sit with me.


That said, it seems to me that due to their size and awkward nature, ski bags are a little more prone to being left behind or miss connections than other luggage, so why would you ever pack your boots in a ski bag? I sometimes pack a few extra items of clothing that might otherwise make my suitcase overweight, but never anything I can't be without for a couple of days. There's plenty of room for that in just about any bag.



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The Dakine Concorse double is a really nice bag.   I never pack my boots on the way out, but sometimes I will on the return.   Don't overpack, it's real easy to go over 50 lbs.

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I also use the Dakine Concorse double, but I don't pack my boots in it.  It'll pack 2 pairs of skis, poles, & some clothing for protection & it'll come in right at 50lbs.  It's very easy to overload the bag because there's a ton of space.  I'd imagine that if the boots are packed into it & you had 2 pairs of skis, you'd probably only be able to throw maybe 2 jackets in there before it's over the 50lbs.  All in all it's a great bag, decent padding, and I've taken it to Europe a few times & it has held up well.

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I have both the concourse double 200cm and the 185cm fall line double from dakine. Awesome bags. The concourse is massive and generally only used for overseas trips- its that big. I had 3 pairs of skis, boots poles, outerwear ect in it no probs. Getting under the weight limit on the plane is the bigger problem.


Fall line double is better if you don't need a ton of room. Still fits 2 pairs of skis, boots, poles, some outerwear fine.


Only reason I got the concourse was to fit the 189 hellbents I had at the time.

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Ditto on the Dakine double concourse 200cm bag. It does sag a bit when you schlep it through the airport. If you don't need the length, go for the 185cm version. It was quite a chore to get that bag around South America in those taxis. And it will hold two pair of poles and three pair of skis, with no problem. But you will easily go over the weight limit, unless you're packing a bunch of kids skis in there.

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Thank all, I just wanna pack 182cm fat skis, 160cm slalom skis, one pair of boots and one pair of poles... is the dakine concourse doble 185cm enough to carry all that stuff?


Thanks in advance

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The 185cm concourse double is definitely enough to carry all of that.  That'll fit easy & you'll definitely have space for jackets, clothes, etc.  Without the clothes it'll probably be under the 50lbs for a flight too

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